Anna Square, Chennai

The Anna Square of Chennai is located close to the northern brink of the eventful beach hideout, the Marina Beach in Chennai. The Anna Square of Chennai serves as a resting place that homes the mortal remains of the Late Great Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Dr. CN Annadurai.

He is remembered as a highly dignified figure who served the people with extreme honesty and soulful dedication.

The Chief Minister Dr. C.N. Annadurai had such a mesmerizing and gripping impact on the people that they affectionately began to greet him with the name "Anna", meaning elder brother.

He was so dear to the people because of his extremely demure and down-to-earth style of living as a result of which the common masses could connect with him and at the same time identify him as one of them.

People from all over Tamil Nadu flock at the Anna Square of Chennai to pay their homage to their leader who truly made a difference.

Key features of the Anna Square of Chennai are :
  • The Anna Square Situated in Chennai is constructed in the form of an exquisitely ornamented park.

  • The entrance gate is indeed something to watch out for at Anna Square in Chennai. It is constructed in the shape of a marvelous arch that is studded with twin tusks of elephants which appear converging towards each other. It is so pretty and well-conceptualized that it is truly a treat for the eyes.

  • In the Anna Square of Chennai, the grave of the Great Chief Minister is located in the midst of the artistic park. It is also winged by the erection of a memorial tower and foundation of an eternal flame which epitomizes his immortal soul.

Last Updated on 11/2/2011