Freemason's Hall, Chennai

The Freemason's Hall in Chennai which came into existence during the year 1923 is a living example of the culture and traditional heritage of the people dwelling in ancient Chennai which was known by the name Madras.

Many buildings of this sort were constructed at the time when India succumbed under the rule of the East India Company. These constructions were meant to be military lodges that were secured by foreign power.

The Freemason's Hall in Chennai is a double-storied mansion with an accommodation capacity of 200 persons. Being located in Egmore, on the Commander-in-Chief road, it is easily accessible from any corner of the city.

The construction of the Freemason's Hall at Chennai was based on Greek pattern of engineering which clearly reflects from the four massive pillars on which the Freemason's Hall in Chennai rests and also from the lavish use of Italian tiles and marbles to furnish its interiors.

The dinner hall of Freemason's Hall in Chennai was built to fit 150 people at a time and the flight of steps leading to it is made of exquisitely shaped Sholingar stones.

The small rooms of Freemason's Hall in Chennai are also so spacious that they can hold at least 60 people at a time.

The Main Hall or the lodge room of the Freemason's Hall of Chennai possesses clerestory windows which stands at a height of approximately 12 feet from the floor. It also holds possession of illustrations of its past masters in canvas.

Last Updated on 11/2/2011