Madras War Cemetery, Chennai

The Madras War Cemetery was established in the year 1952 as a testimonial to the valorous men and women who had sacrificed their lives during the cursed Second World War. It was the Imperial War Graves Commission who took it to their responsibility to establish the Madras War Cemetery.

The Madras War Cemetery is currently under the supervision of a body commonly recognized as the 'The Common Wealth War Graves Commission (CWGC)' which acts in concert with the Government of India.

The Madras War Cemetery homes the resting place of 857 valiant soldiers belonging to the Common Wealth Forces who embraced death in the dreaded Second World War that stretched from 1939 to1945.

On entry to the Madras War Cemetery, the visitants are greeted by a Stone of Remembrance in which the inscription " Their name liveth for ever more", derived from The Book of Ecclesiasticus is carefully carved. Another feature common to all (CWCG) cemetery is the Cross of Sacrifice that had been erected on an eight-sided stand with a blade made of bronze stuck into it.

Besides containing the corpses of heroes from the Second World War, it also contains three bodies belonging to persons who did not participate in the war.

The 857 graves that are contained in the Madras War Cemetery, belong to all different nationalities like United Kingdom, Canada, West Africa, India prior to partition, New Zealand, Burma, Australia, Poland, South Rhodesia and Malaya.

Each year on the occasion of Armistice Day on 11th November which marked the end of the Second World War, in the presence of a recognized celebrity, coronals are offered at the Stone of Remembrance and the Cross of Sacrifice accompanied with a little prayer to pay homage to the departed souls of those who fought for us.

Last Updated on 11/2/2011