Karuna Vihar

Karuna Vihar in Dehradun is 'Garden of Compassion'. It renders services specifically to children and young adults with disabilities. The basis of all it does, is a firm faith in the rights of disabled children to live in the community.

Karuna Vihar in Dehradun believes that education is a child's birth right. Each child should go to school, to learn new things. Children here learn under the able guidance of trained, creative and caring teachers .

Karuna Vihar of Dehradun gives creative education to the children with mental and physical retardness. Their aim is holistic and rests on the belief that every child, has the potentiality to develop.

In Karuna Vihar at Dehradun language skills are developed. Rhymes aid children develop a passion for words, while rhythmic and clapping helps them appreciate the word- syllables and sounds. Activity based learning gives the student a way of constructing his own learning and not merely receiving information. And the best thing about it is, fun for both children and teachers.

Last Updated on 14 March 2013