Asan Barrage

Asan Barrage in Dehradun is famous for developing a water sports resort in 1994, by the Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam. The other name of Asan Barrage in Dehradun is Dhalipur Lake. The Asan Barrage of Dehradun was created in 1967. Asan Barrage is located about 43 kilometers away from the main hill city of Dehradun and the landscape around the countryside is quite stunning and beautiful.

Asan Barrage in Dehradun lies on the Chandigarh-Shimla highway. The water resort of Asan Barrage at Dehradun is a real place of fun and frolic. The water resort has all type of facilities and services that can entertain the visitors to their hearts content. There are facilities like
  • water skiing
  • boating
  • rowing
  • kayaking
  • canoeing
Both the children and the adults will be lost in the world of fun, the whole day enjoying rowing and canoeing and all forms of water sports available in the water resort of Asan Barrage. The surrounding of the lake is very peaceful and you will enjoy the place sitting in the lap of nature. Asan Barrage at Dehradun attracts tourists in large number who visit the water resort and take advantage of these water sports and relax themselves after the entire day's hectic life in the city.

Asan Barrage of Dehradun is the hub of numerous migratory birds who chooses this water resort as their home and dwell there for the whole winter season. Wildlife lovers in large number flock in the Asan Barrage to see these beautiful white migratory birds from the foreign lands.

Last Updated on 14 March 2013