Mussourie Bus Stand

Mussourie bus stand is one of the principal bus stands in Dehradun. Mussourie bus stand takes its name from the destination of one of its bus routes - the hill station of Mussourie.

Mussourie bus stand is popular due to its strategic location. Mussourie bus stand is very near to Dehradun railway station. The railway provides feeder services to the bus transport system in Dehradun.

Mussourie bus stand is a terminal bus station. It has common facilities for all its passengers. The common facilities includes a ticket office, refreshment facilities and restrooms for both the sexes. The platforms of the Mussourie bus stand are assigned to a fixed specified bus route. The prospective passenger has the comfort of knowing beforehand where the specified destination buses are to be found.

The Mussourie bus stand is used by passengers for boarding or alighting from the bus. The Mussourie bus stand has functional signs to guide the bus passengers to their desired outcome.

The buses departing from Mussourie bus stand usually ply on long haul routes. These buses makes scheduled stops i.e the buses arrives at a set time and departs at a specific set time. The buses departing from Mussourie bus stand does not make a request or flag stop.

To avoid the problem of traffic clogging, the authorities of Mussourie bus stand has employed the technique of skip stops. The technique of skip stops ensure that a bus of a specific route occupies a specific bus stop for a predetermined specific period of time.

The Mussourie bus stand exhibits a microcosm of contemporary Indian society.

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Last Updated on 14 March 2013