Santhla Devi

Santhla Devi is a symbol of faith to the people in and around Dehradun. It is located at about 15 Kms from Dehradun. It is undoubtedly one of the most famous shrines in India. You can avail from the city the bus services up to Jaitunwala.

After that you will have to pick up a car or a jeep and then it is a 2 Kms drive to Punjabiwala.

The journey does not end here. You will have to keep the spirit up! It is a further 2 kms trek to the temple. The trek is really an unforgettable experience. You will admire the way through the nature.

The sky is blue without a dusk of pollution. The spirit rises further with the eternal belief of the local people regarding the Goddess (Santhla Devi).

They happily take the pain to go to such a remote place of worship. The temple of Santhla Devi is not merely an abode of worship but also a center of culture and heritage.

There is a very interesting popular myth regarding the spot. It goes like this that Santhla Devi, along with her brother could realize that they would not be able to cope up with the Mughal Army.

So they abandoned their weapons and started to pray.

A light flashed and in moments both of them were turned into stone images. It is inside the fort that the shrine was constructed and Saturdays are noted for the transformation of Santhla Devi into stone.

Last Updated on 14 March 2013