Manufacturers and Wholesalers in Jaipur

The city of Jaipur has numerous Manufacturers and Wholesalers, who provide a wide range of services to the people of Jaipur. Apart from being a favorite tourist destination, the city of Jaipur may be said to be the commercial and industrial hub of the desert state. The manufacturers and wholesalers of Jaipur make the city one of the most important business center of Rajasthan.

Being a desert, Jaipur cannot boast of producing any significant agricultural products. However, some of the important crops produced in the suburbs of Jaipur are wheat, Jowar, Maize and Bajra. The wholesalers take the agricultural products and sell the items in the market to earn handsome revenues.

The Apparels and Garments occupy a special place which are always trendy and fashionable. Themanufacturers and the wholesalers of Jaipur spun and sell cloths at a reasonable price.

Jaipur can boast of having many well known Automobile Industries. The people of the city prefer to buy the latest models of Cars to maintain their standard of living.

Jaipur has many Pharmaceutical companies that manufacture many life saving drugs and medicines. The wholesalers take it to the market and sell them in the market.

The people of Jaipur are aware of many Ayurvedic and Herbal Products that are available in the local markets. The manufacturers and the wholesalers play a significant role in marketing the products.

Jaipur is famous for Building and Construction materials that are easily available in plenty from the neighboring areas of the city. The manufacturers have good machinery to produce fine building and construction materials while the wholesalers take it from them to sell in the market at marginal profit.

The city is famous for Marbles and Granites, especially the colored marbles that are available in abundance.

Jaipur is famous for manufacturing colorful and attractive Jewelery which may be either of some costly metal or the artificial ones that glitters like the real ones.

Jaipur has numerous manufacturers of Industrial Spare Parts. The city is one of the leading industrial cities of India which is been supported by the growth of these secondary industries.

Below is a comprehensive list of the manufacturers and wholesalers of Jaipur:

Last Updated on 13 December 2011