Service Providers in Jaipur

The "Service Providers in Jaipur" offers the local people and the tourists with a wide gamut services that are essential for the day to day existence. Jaipur offers the service providers of the city with great business opportunities that will strengthen the economic structure of the state.

Jaipur has many Accounting Firms that helps the corporate houses and industrial establishments of the city in preparing the balance sheet, and the annual financial report.

The credit for building beautifully designed and modern apartments goes to the Architects of the city who makes Jaipur all the more attractive and user friendly.

The Real Estate Agents of Jaipur has given the city a modern look by building numerous apartments that are equipped with all the modern amenities.

The city has many well known Builders that provide good materials for building new houses that can survive the vagaries of nature.

Jaipur has many Law Firms that employ numerous experienced and well known "Lawyers" who solves "Civil" and "Criminal" cases with perfection and transparency.

The creativity of the Interior Decorators of Jaipur finds expression in the well decorated rooms of residential apartments and offices.

The people of Jaipur are very conscious about health and hygiene, which has given rise to en number of Health Clubs in every nook and corner of the city. The health clubs informs their members about healthy diet and exercises which helps them to be healthy in body and mind.

Jaipur has many Packers and Movers companies that helps the people to pack the goods and deliver them safely to the desired address within or outside the city.

The Placement Consultants of Jaipur provide the young and talented people with loads of information related to jobs according to their qualification and requirement.

Conveyance in the city is easy with the availability of Taxis and Cabs. The city has a well organized association of Taxis and cabs that cater to prompt service towards the clients.

Jaipur can boast of many well known Doctors who provide first class treatment to the patients. The Doctors offer round the clock service to the people of Jaipur and makes them lead healthy lives.

The city has many Diagnostic Centers that offers the people with all kinds of medical tests, the results of which are very reliable and authentic.

Below is a detailed list of all the Service Providers in Jaipur:
  • Architects
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Builders
  • Lawyers
  • Interior Decorators
  • Packers and Movers
  • Placement Consultants
  • Taxis and Cabs
  • Doctors
  • Diagnostic Centers

Health Clubs

People are becoming more and more health conscious these days. Jaipur is no exception to that. In fact, this historical place has in its store, all the necessary requirements to maintain a fitness savvy society. There is a lot of Health Clubs in Jaipur to meet all the requirements. The different Health Clubs in the city are equipped with modern amenities and they will suit the bill for everyone.

There are various kinds of health centers in Jaipur. While some are gymnasiums, the others are health spas. Names of some of the most popular health clubs in Jaipur are listed below:

The health clubs which go back to the days of ayurvedas and religiously follow the ayurvedic regimes are: -

  • The Kerala Ayurveda Centre
    26 Srirampura Colony Civil Lines
    Jaipur - 302006
    Phone: 2383363

  • National Institute Of Ayurveda
    Madhya Vilas Palace
    Amer Road, Jaipur â€" 302004
    Phone: 2635709and 2635816

  • The health centers and gymnasiums in Jaipur, which are of international standards, are as follows:-

  • Royal Swim and Gym Centre Pvt Ltd
    SB-1A opposite OTS JLN Marg
    Jaipur -302017
    Phone: 2702464

  • Oriental Gym
    B-5 Radha Vihar Colony New Sanganer Road
    Jaipur -302019
    Phone: 2290875

  • Sun Rise Gym
    D-16, Ram Nagar, Shastri Nagar
    Jaipur -302016
    Phone: 2301231

  • Apart from the above health clubs there is an all-inclusive fitness spa, VLCC. This health and beauty resort has its branch all over India. It offers a large range of fitness and beauty programs. VLCC has also launched its own fitness and beauty products. It has solutions to the problems relating to health and beauty under the sun. The contact details are:-

  • VLCC
    K-14, 1st Floor, Priyamvada Sadan
    Ashok Marg, Jaipur
    Phone: 363251
Accounting Firms

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan, the land of Rajputs. With a population of more than 23 lakhs, Jaipur is a big and vibrant city. The Pink City, as Jaipur is lovingly called, is not only a famous tourist spot but also an important business sector of the state. With rapid industrial growth, there is need for more and more Accounting Firms in the city. The Accounting Firms look after the nec-essary Accounting works of the business organizations and even the Personal Accounts of indi-viduals.

The Accounting Firms in Jaipur is doing great job and has contributed much to the development of the industrial sector in Jaipur. Some of the most esteemed Accounting Firms of Jaipur are listed below :-

  • Amit Goyal & Company
    Add: 7 Jalupura Link Rd M I Road, Jaipur -302001
    Tel: 2362769

  • Chandnani & Co.
    Add: 5, Kishore Niwas Tripolia Bazar, Jaipur -302002
    Tel: 2313085

  • A K Mathur & Company
    Add: C-23, Ashok Marg C-Scheme and Jaipur 302001
    Tel: 2373143

  • A Kaushik & Associates
    Add: 4 Tilak Marg C-Scheme Jaipur -302001
    Tel: 2385255

  • D Khanna & Associates
    Add: 106/133 Ashok Marg Vijay Path Agarwal Farm Mansarover, Jaipur -302020
    Tel: 2783580

  • G C Sharma & Co.
    Add: Johari Bazar, Jaipur -302003
    Tel: 2565709

  • H N Singh & Co.
    Add: T-44 Raisar Plaza Indira Bazar, Jaipur -302001
    Tel: 2311042

  • Kalani & Company
    Add: S-23A Mangal Mrg Bapu Nagar, Jaipur-302015
    Tel: 2709002

  • KN Imported Articles Ltd.
    Add: 314, Shri Gopal Tower, Ashok Marg, C-scheme, and Jaipur
    Tel: 5107022

  • M K Maheshwari & Company
    Add: 223, 1st Flr Bichuan Market K P Bazar, Jaipur -302001
    Tel: 2315158

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