Government and Politics

For decades, Madhya Pradesh has been a prosperous state. It has more or less a stable governance.Madhya Pradesh government and politics has initiated e-governance in its various sectors of governance with the advancement of computer and information technology.

Basic Structure of Madhya Pradesh Government and Politics: There is only one house in Madhya Pradesh Government - the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha). It consists of 60 members. Therefore, the basic structure of administration in Madhya Pradesh government and politics is the same as in other Indian states. The Lok Sabha consists of 2 seats - the lower house of Parliament and the Rajya Sabha consists of 1 seat - the upper house of Parliament.

Important positions in Madhya Pradesh government and politics:
  • Chief Minister: The head of government is the Chief Minister. He has most of the executive powers in his hands.

  • Governor: The head of the state is the Governor. He is appointed by the President of India. His or her post is ceremonial in nature with not much of executive powers.

  • Ministers: A group of ministers help the Chief Minister to execute administrative tasks. Each of them has independent power.
Political Parties in Madhya Pradesh Government and Politics: The leading political parties in Madhya Pradesh Politics are Indian National Congress, Bharatiya Janata Party, Jiti Jitayi Politics, Madhya Pradesh Kisan Mazdoor Adivasi Kranti Dal, Madhya Pradesh Vikas Congress, and Pragatisheel Bahujan Samaj Party.

Current Scenario in Madhya Pradesh Government and Politics: The current Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh is Shivraj Singh Chouhan. The current Governor of Madhya Pradesh is Dr. Balram Jakhar. The present Chief Secretary is RC Sahni.

The present government is led by Shivraj Singh Chouhan, a BJP party worker. Prior to Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Babulal Gaur and Uma Bharti from the same BJP were the chief ministers of the state. The state was governed by Mr. Digvijay Singh of the Congress party before the last election. The two major political parties in Madhya Pradesh are Indian National Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Boards and Commissions

dhya Pradesh State Scheduled Caste Commission
  • Madhya Pradesh State Consumer Redressal Commission
  • Madhya Pradesh State Women Commission
  • Madhya Pradesh State Backward Classes Commission
  • Madhya Pradesh State Minorities Commission Some important phone numbers of Madhya Pradesh Boards and Commissions:

    Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission:
    • Chairman: 2702219
    • Secretary: 2702979
    Madhya Pradesh State Election Commission:
    • State Election Commissioner: 2551535
    • Secretary: 2555527
    Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission:
    • Chairman: 2764505
    Madhya Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission:
    • Chairman: 2557819
    Madhya Pradesh State Scheduled Tribes Commission
    • Chairman: 2542700
    • Member: 2660876
    Madhya Pradesh State Scheduled Castes Commission
    • Chairman: 2533343
    • Secretary: 2533847
    Madhya Pradesh State Consumer Redressal Commission:
    • Chairman: 2554270
    • Member: 2763024
    • Registrar: 2553722
    Madhya Pradesh State Women Commission:
    • Chairman: 2531427
    • Member Secretary: 2545678
    Madhya Pradesh State Backward Classes Commission
    • Chairman: 2660638
    • Secretary: 2660637
    Madhya Pradesh State Minorities Commission:
    • Chairman: 2737361
    • Secretary: 2737362, 2540989
    Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board:
    • Chairman: 2663251
    Madhya Pradesh State Agricultural Marketing Board
    • Chairman: 2551765, 2574384
    • Managing Director: 2553429
    Madhya Pradesh Labor Welfare Board
    • Chairman: 2572753
    Secondary Education Board:
    • Chairman: 2551544
    • Secretary: 2551650
    Madhya Pradesh State Planning Board
    • Chairman: 2551713
    Madhya Pradesh State Housing Board
    • Chairman: 2571772
    • Commissioner: 2551804
    Madhya Pradesh Vocational Examination Board
    • Chairman: 2553499

    Last Updated on : 15th March 2013