Madhya Pradesh Weather

The Madhya Pradesh weather is characterized by very hot summer days and biting cold winter nights. The monsoon however begins in the month of July and continues upto September.

The aspect of Madhya Pradesh weather which concerns most is the rise in temperature. It is really difficult for the outsiders to cope up with the extremities. The temperature begins to rise from March onwards. It differs from region to region. In summer days, the mean maximum temperature rises to about 42.5°C in northern Madhya Pradesh especially at places like Gwalior. The maximum mean temperature is 40°-42.5 °C in regions around Bhopal, Sagar, Rewa, Bilaspur as well as Raigarh. The days in the month of May are usually hotter than those of June.

The monsoon is a relief to the utterly hot weather in Madhya Pradesh. The temperature remains moderate till September-October. Thereafter it starts declining. This indicates the arrival of winter.

Madhya Pradesh weather gets chilled in winter which attains its height in the month of December and January. The average temperature during winters is as low as 10 °C in the north, while in the south it varies from 10°-15°C.

Madhya Pradesh weather is markedly different in the following zones :
  • The Northern Plains
  • The Hilly Region of the Vindhyas
  • The Narmada Valley
  • The Malwa Plateau
  • The Plains of Chhattisgarh
  • The mountainous region of Bastar.
Eastern Madhya Pradesh receives an average precipitation of over 112 cm. However, the northern as well as the western areas get 50-62.5cm.

The best of Madhya Pradesh's weather is experienced in February to June. You must be aware that due to rain the sanctuaries remain closed from July to September.

Last Updated on : 14th March 2013