Cyclone Ashobaa approaches Oman

Cyclone Ashobaa Path Map

Cyclone Ashobaa Path Map

Expected path of Cyclone Ashobaa

 Cyclonic storm Ashobaa weakens

04:45 PM IST, June 11, 2015 –  Cyclonic storm Ashobaa is likely to make a landfall tonight as it continues to move towards the coastal areas between southeast of Ras Al Hadd and east-northeast of Masirah Island in Oman. It would move west-southwestwards and cross Oman coast as a depression near latitude 20.50N around 2:30 AM IST Friday of 12 june 2015. The system will move at a wind speed of 50-55 kmph at the time of landfall, the extent of heavy rainfall that would impact Oman.

Depression in Arabian Sea strengthens into a cyclonic storm

05:50 PM IST, June 10, 2015 –   The cyclonic storm (ASHOBAA) over northwest Arabian Sea and adjoining areas has moved nearly westwards during past 6 hours and lay centred at 0830 hours IST of 10 June 2015 near latitude 21.30 N and longitude 61.80 E, about 270 km southeast of Sur (Oman) and 310 km east-northeast of Masirah (Oman), the IMD statement said.

11:35 AM IST, June 10, 2015 –  Cyclonic Storm (ASHOBAA) which is over northwest Arabian Sea lay centred during the morning of 10 June 2015. It would cross Oman coast between latitude 21.50 N and latitude 22.50 N south of Ras Al Hadd during the night of 11 June 2015. The storm  was located  about 1150 km west-northwest of Mumbai, 860 km west of Veraval, 310 km southeast of Sur (Oman) and 470 km southeast of Muscat (Oman).

6:00 PM IST, June 9, 2015 –  Cyclonic Storm (ASHOBAA) lies over eastcentral and adjoining northwest & westcentral Arabian Sea. It would cross Oman coast as a cyclonic storm between Sur and Mina Sultan Qaboos (Muscat) around night of 11 June 2015.

Cyclone Ashobaa to Intensify, Fishermen in Gujarat Warned

10:00 AM IST, June 9, 2015 – The deep depression forming in the Arabian Sea is expected to intensify into a severe cyclonic storm, as per the Indian Meteorological Department. It is expected that the tropical cyclone will bring moderate to heavy rains in the coastlines of Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra and southern parts of Pakistan. The weather department in Ahmedabad has issued warning to fishermen as Gujarat’s coast is expected to receive heavy rains in the next 48 hours. Although the cyclone is not expected to make a landfall in Gujarat, but the administration is taken all possible precautionary steps.


5:45 PM IST, June 8, 2015 – The deep depression in the Arabian Sea has consolidated into a cyclonic storm. As per the weather office, during the next 24 to 36 hours, the cyclonic storm named Ashobaa will further develop into a super cyclonic storm. At 0830 hours on June 8, the storm was located nearly 470 km southwest of Veraval, 590 km west-southwest of Mumbai and 960 km east-southeast of Masirah Island in Oman. However, a senior IMD official said that the landfall is not expected to take place in India.


Current Position of Cyclone Ashobaa

03:45 PM IST, 9 June, 2015 – At 1130 hours IST of 9 June 2015 , the storm  was located   near latitude 20.3 0 N and longitude 64.6 0 E, about 860 km west of Mumbai, 606 km west-southwest of Veraval, 570 km east-southeast of Sur (Oman) and 730 km east-southeast of Muscat (Oman).

10:55 AM IST, June 9, 2015 – At 0530 hours IST of 9 June 2015, the storm  was located  near latitude 20.00 N and longitude 65.0 0 E, about 830 km west of Mumbai, 570 km west-southwest of Veraval, 640 km east-southeast of Sur (Oman) and 800 km east-southeast of Muscat (Oman). The cyclone would move north-northwestwards and intensify further into a severe cyclonic storm during next 24 hours and it would move northwestwards thereafter.

Cyclone Ashobaa Facts

Category of Cyclone Cyclonic Storm
Originated at Arabian Sea
Expected to make landfall on (date) Jun 11, 2015
Countries going to be affected Oman
Areas going to be affected by ASHOBAA Cyclone Sur, Muscat, Al Hadd and Masirah Island
Expected Maximum wind speed 90-100 kmph

Forecast track of Cyclone Ashobaa

Date/Time(IST) Position (Lat. Long) wind speed (kmph) Category
08.06.2015/1130 17.9/67.7 60-70 Cyclonic Storm
08.06.2015/1730 19.0/66.5 60-70 Cyclonic Storm
08.06.2015/2330 20.0/66.0 70-80 Cyclonic Storm
09.06.2015/0530 21.0/65.3 80-90 Cyclonic Storm
09.06.2015/1730 21.7/64.5 90-100 Severe Cyclonic Storm
10.06.2015/0530 22.5/63.7 90-100 Severe Cyclonic Storm
10.06.2015/1730 23.0/63.0 90-100 Severe Cyclonic Storm
11.06.2015/0530 23.5/62.4 80-90 Cyclonic Storm
11.06.2015/1730 23.9/61.8 60-70 Cyclonic Storm
12.06.2015/0530 24.3/61.0 50-60 Deep Depression
12.06.2015/1730 24.5/60.5 40-50 Depression

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