Delhi Road Companion

So you need a Delhi Road Companion- to guide you in your Delhi tour? Well! If you read further you will find a virtual companion in the form of this page. This page is your friend and guide in Delhi.

Reading the following paragraphs will create an impression of the facilities at Delhi in your mind. If you are new to the city, this is a must read matter for you. The best help is self-help. So, instead of relying on strangers who may accompany you for monetary gains, why not embark on the adventure of seeing the city all by yourself- armed with this page?

Do you need a Road Map in Delhi?

A road guide map in your hand will help you to know where in the city you are, how to reach your destination, and finally return to your place of lodging. These maps have not only the locators but also the briefs about the famous locales in the city.

A Road Map will provide you the following Information
  • The network of roads and railways
  • The timings of buses and trains
  • Information of bus depots and railway stations
  • List of hotels and lodges in the city
  • Listing of the tourist highlights (area-wise)
  • The distances of important places in the cities and modes to reach them
  • The contact numbers which are useful for the tourists in the city (hotels, airport and railway enquiry, travel agents, police, hospitals, courier companies and much more)

When to visit Delhi?

Well! You are welcome to Delhi all over the year at your own discretion. The summer months of May and June experience temperatures as high as 45°C or 113°F. During your day out you will face "Loo"- a scorching wind (which initiates in Rajasthan). So, if you value comfort please do schedule your vacation in this city of wonder between November and March. Though it is chilly in December and January, you can manage with woolies and proper day-planning. Moreover, a number of festivals which make the city lively are celebrated during this period.

Modes of Travel To and Fro from Delhi

The Indira Gandhi International Airport is located in the south-western end of Delhi.

Besides the main New Delhi railway station, there are stations in different nooks and corners of the city like Tilak Bridge, Shakur Basti, Shahdara, Purani Dilli, Pragati Maidan, Okhla, and Hazrat Nizamuddin. There are autos and buses as well individual rented cars in the city to help you accordingly. So, you need to proactively track the location of their offices, or at least how you can avail their services from your Delhi Road Companion.

Road Transport
There are autos and buses as well individual rented cars in the city to help you accordingly. You need to proactively track the location of their offices. You should at least gain awareness regarding how you can avail the services of the road transport facilities from your Delhi Road Companion.

Last Updated on : 03/07/2013