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District Map of Phek

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*The Map showing major roads, national highways, boundaries, headquarter and major towns of Phek district, Nagaland. Disclaimer

Carved out of the district of Kohima on 21st December, 1973, Phek is one of the districts of Nagaland situated in the south eastern fringe of the state. The district is bound on the east by the international border that separates India from the country of Myanmar. The district derives it name from the term "Phekrekedze" which refers to the watch tower.
The district of Phek is bound by state of Manipur in the south, Kohima District in the west, districts of Zunheboto and Tuensangin the North and Myanmar in the east. Phek covers a total area of 2026 square kilometers. The population of the district according to the Census of 2001 stood at 1, 46,483 with a population density of 73 per square kilometer. The district is inhabited by two main tribes of Nagaland, Pochurys and Chakhesangs. The people of the state communicate in the Tenyidie and Nagamese languages. The topographical features of Phek shows that the district is drained by the waters of the Rivers Sedzu, Tizu and Lanye. The district also has three large lakes called the Chida, Shillo and Dzudu. Enveloped in wooded hill slopes, the district is rich in the presence of flora and fauna. The economy of Phek district is predominantly agrarian, which is the chief occupation of the people of the district. 80.84 percent of the people practice terrace cultivation. Salt making, wood, bamboo carving and weaving are other means of livelihood of the people of the Phek district.

The district witnesses distinct seasonal changes with the winter being bitterly cold and the summer moderately warm. The monsoons arrive, in the district in the last week of May and lasts till the end of September. The district of Phek retains the cultural heritage of the land that is reflected in the cultural extravaganzas of Phek.

Last Updated on January 30, 2023