Banaswara City Map

Banaswara City Map

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Banswara City Map
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*Banswara city map showing roads, hotels, hospitals and other places of interest. Disclaimer

Located on the banks of the River Mahi, Banswara is a tribal-dominated city in Rajasthan . Known by many names such as 'Lodi Kashi' (small Kashi due to the presence of innumerable temples in and around the town) and the 'City of Hundred Islands' (due to the existence of a number of tiny islands on the River Mahi), Banswara is believed to have been founded by Maharaja Jagmal Singh and derives its name from the plenty of bamboo trees (baans) in the region.

Banswara is connected to the rest of the state and country through the airport at Udaipur (160kms) away and the rail junction at Ratlam (20km away). The roadways network connecting the city is not very convenient.

The main attractions of the city of Banswara, Rajasthan are:
  • Shri Raj Mandir: This ancient palace of the city and home of the Banswara rulers is a spectacular and magnificent building. Built in the 16th century, this fine sample of Rajput architecture is still owned by the descendents of the royal lineage.

  • Anand Sagar Lake or Bai Talab: Lachhi Bai of Idar, the Queen of Maharawal Jagmal built this lake which is surrounded by the most striking natural views and by tiny shrines.

  • Dialab Lake: This Lake was constructed to provide the royal family a pleasant sight when they resided in their summer residence, the Badal Mahal. The lotus blooms of the Dialab Lake are enough to gladden the onlooker's heart.

  • Abdulla Pir: this is a revered shrine of the Bohra Muslims and attracts a high footfall especially during the Urs.

  • Madareshwar Temple, Dwarkadish Temple, Lakshmi Narayan Temple and Vaneshwar Mahadeo Temple are important Hindu shrines of the city.

Last Updated on : July 20, 2015

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