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City Map of Pushkar

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Pushkar City Map
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*Map showing roads, hotels, hospitals and other places of interest in Pushkar City. Disclaimer

Pushkar India
Snuggled in the laps of the Aravali hills and beautified by the serene lake, Pushkar is a nature-lover's paradise. The sacred Pushkar Lake which according to a legend was created by Lord Brahma, the 52 ghats and 500 temples has added a mythical charm to the place making it a place of Hindu pilgrimage. The illustrious cattle fair that is the largest in the world has also made Pushkar internationally famous and hence Pushkar is cited as 'the land of fairs and festivals.' Pushkar is also known as 'the rose garden of Rajasthan ' because of its fragrant roses whose essence is exported all over the world. The tranquil and spiritual ambience of Pushkar, the dwindling lanes, the rooftop restaurants and the colorful fairs and festivals make a tourist fall in love with the place.

ces to See

Pushkar Lake- The prime attraction of Pushkar is the Pushkar Lake which is considered sacred like the Mansarovar Lake in Tibet. Pushkar has become a place of Hindu pilgrimage because of this holy lake. Legend has it that this lake was consecrated to Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe when a lotus dropped from his hand into the vale and a lake emerged in that place. The picturesque lake is encircled by 500 temples, 52 palaces, and 52 ghats. Devotees take a religious dip in the spiritual water of the lake which is said to have miraculous powers.

Brahma Temple- The most important temple in Pushkar is the Temple of Lord Brahma, one of the holy trinity of Hinduism. In fact it is the only Hindu shrine in the world where Lord Brahma is worshipped. The temple enshrines a life-size idol of Lord Brahma.

Savitri Temple- This temple that is located at the top of the Ratnagiri Hill is dedicated to Savitri, the wife of Lord Brahma. The temple houses a magnificent statue of Goddess Savitri.

Other Temples- Other noteworthy temples of the pilgrim place are the 19th century Mahadeva Temple that id dedicated to Lord Shiva, Rangaji Temple that is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and the Varaha Temple that is also dedicated to a deity who is one of the incarnations of Vishnu. All these temples exhibit outstanding art and craftsmanship.

Other Attractions
Pushkar Bazaar- The colorful and vibrant Pushkar Bazaar is a shopper's delight. One can buy great souvenirs like silver jewelry, embroidered shoes, wall hangings, shoulder bags, embroidered fabrics, decorative items and so on.

Pushkar Fair- The Pushkar Fair is the largest cattle fair in Asia and is held in the month of November during the Kartik Purnima (day of full moon in the Hindu lunar month of Kartik) when hundreds of thousands of pilgrims take a holy dip in the sacred Pushkar Lake. This spectacular event is worth witnessing when the cold November nights are lit up by the lurid campfires and the folk dance and music performances cast a magical spell!

Accommodation Facilities - Tourists can stay in the following hotels that provide world- class accommodation-
  • Pushkar Palace,
  • Sarovar (Man Mahal),
  • Jagat Singh Palace Hotel, Royal Camp,
  • Royal Camp (Mobile),
  • Royal Desert Camp

Last Updated on : 31/10/2013

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