5 Things You Must Know About the Latest ‘M’ Upgrade of Android OS

Android M OS Arrives

android-mEnter Android M, the upcoming version of the Android operating system. Launched as a developer preview last week by Google, the final version of ‘M’ is expected to unveil later this year. The Mountain View-based search major emphasised that beyond fixing the bugs, the new OS version includes key changes in the basics of the platform to deliver a richer core experience. Here are 5 most innovative features that we feel you must check out today:

#1 Google Now on Tap: The Google Now has taken on an enhancement in terms of better context awareness. Using the ‘Now on Tap’ feature, users can, without leaving the app or an email, bid Google Now to present relevant information on any topic displaying on mobile’s screen (for instance, name of restaurant, menu, map, lyrics, name of musician, video etc.). The search feature is designed to work seamlessly with an app or email. Google intends to release this feature with 100 most popular apps in the first instance.

#2 Simplified App Permissions: An overhaul of the app permissions now allows a user to deny/accept individual permissions as they deem fit. Henceforth, they would not be obtained during installation stage but whenever somebody actually begins to use. The permissions can also be modified by users at any stage of engagement, placing increased control on information accessible by an app. According to Google release, ‘As more devices upgrade to M, app permission behaviour will be a critical development flow to test’.

#3 Mobile Payments: In response to Apple’s earlier introduced mobile payment system, Google has unveiled Android Pay. Using this payment system, a user can pay at stores or in Android apps using an Android phone. The new system aggregates major credit cards, loyalty cards, debit cards on the mobile device and is expected to available for download on Google Play soon.

#4 Finger Print Support: M has been designed to be compatible with finger print scanning technology on smartphones. Using the finger print APIs, developers can now add built-in finger print support into their apps. This support would not only secure all mobile payment transactions (users to validate purchases through finger prints) but also allow faster sign-ins on apps and websites through Chrome browser.

#5 Auto Backup: The new feature provisions for automatic backup of all your app settings and preferences within Google Drive. For users, upgrading or restoring their smartphones now would no longer be a painful experience. Users get a limit of 25MB backup per app on then Drive. The best thing is once an app is set up, it stays in the core of Android M and you won’t have to go that distance again, format or otherwise.

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