Five Best Android Applications Every Smartphone Should Have

Android applications for smartphones

Android applications for smartphonesThere is high momentum in Android’s overall sales. With consumers’ growing appetite for apps, Android is benefiting from third-party application stores. The Android Mobile Operating System (OS) has gone through lots of ups and downs to finally climb to the top position in a couple of years of its existence. In fact, it evolved through the years and its value didn’t emerge overnight. It’s the foremost sizably voluminous installed base of any mobile platform today and is growing fast—every day another million users power up their Android contrivances.

There is a virtual ton of applications and getting started with them isn’t simple. In this round-up, we’ll take a look at five essential Android apps that all new Android phone owners should have:


For those who regularly use Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or different messaging apps, Snowball Android app curates notifications from these totally different apps onto one platform. Snowball makes certain you’ll keep track of different conversations in various apps, and, at the very least, that you just don’t accidentally leave one conversation idle for hours before basic cognitive process to retort. The app serves  a universal inbox for your several mobile messaging clients, like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Google Hangouts, SMS and others, and appears right on your Android home screen in a format that resembles the small, circular ‘Chat Heads’ icons introduced by Facebook.

Once setting up an account, the Snowball icon floats on top of the Android home screen sort of a ‘Chat Head,’ showing you ways several new messages you have got in every messaging client. Snowball displays richer and the additional elaborate messages. And also the benefit to the messaging app providers may involve increased  user acquisition as Snowball may tell users through its user interface what other apps a user’s friends were currently on.


The travellers contribute their security-line wait times to the MiFlight app so the next flier will have a far better expertise. This app includes information for 54 airports at the most-traveled hubs around the world.

MiFlight permits airline passengers to crowd source wait times at the different airports, which aiming  to eliminate the unease of check-in at an airport a couple of hours before time, or worse, a couple of minutes too late. The passengers on line in security send their wait times. Although it depends entirely on the connectivity and kindness of strangers, users may perceive that MiFlight is an efficient airline guideline. The app is beautiful and easy to use.

Input your airport, terminal and gate to induce your estimated wait time within the security line. You’ll quickly share your information using WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, email, text. Just click on the timer, input your minutes and share with the app. The app allows you to recognize once the wait time was last updated by date and time.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music has evolved quite a bit in the last year. You’ll be able to use this to access the music you retain on your phone otherwise you can upload maximum 20,000 songs to the cloud and stream them from there without paying anything. You’ll have access to just about each track on Google Play Music without charge. With the upcoming YouTube Music Key integration that takes ads out of music videos on YouTube, this is the music app you should to a minimum of attempt on Android.

The personalized recommendations like, the foremost fascinating feature at the time was an MP3 player that created an Instant Mix for users by automatically categorizing a user’s legal and pirated music into readymade, catered playlists.

Multicon Widget

The number of apps that you just install on your Android device is increasing. A convenient choice is to feature widgets or shortcuts to the home screen. Adding shortcuts to the phone’s home screen is an easy way out but you will soon feel a space crunch there too. There’s no dearth of customizable widget apps. However, not all are efficient enough to get most use of the available space.

Phone screens can solely hold such an information due to the small size, and sometimes you would like to place additional icons for apps that will fit. The free Multicon Widget allows you to place up to four app icons in the space usually occupied by one, which greatly extends the screen. The four icon slots don’t seem to be restricted to apps, you’ll place shortcuts for actions and special functions like Wi-Fi toggle in the slots. This is often the foremost helpful widget for a free app. Once adding the widget, it will be customised to set the number of rows and columns that you just want, maximum of three columns and 12 rows can be additional per widget. The widget can accommodate 144 icons of manageable size on my screen.  Multicon can manage additional icons that we can add to the widgets. Thus it’s suggested to line variety and icon size that you just are snug with.


With this app you’ll find a number of ringtones, tones,  alarm tones and multiple wallpapers. Those that came on your phone area are probably pretty sensible but more is always better. You can find stuff from all types of sources like movie quotes, funny stuff and various sound effects. Even the wallpapers are updated frequently and feature all types of stuff ranging from vacation and seasonal wallpapers to art, landscapes and space. It’s an app everybody should at least check out.

In the new interface, the new design elements allow Zedge to spread out its content and make it easier to search. The pop out menu lets you easily switch to whatever content you need to search and swiping between categories lets you narrow your search quickly. This permits users to use Zedge in ways in which were unobtainable within the previous style.

These five Android apps add unbelievable value to the smartphone. However, they’re not the sole sensible apps within the Android market.

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