Narendra Modi Mobile App

Narendra Modi mobile app

Narendra Modi mobile appNarendra Modi is one of the most tech-savvy Prime Ministers of India. He has always emphasised and encouraged e-governance ever since he started his tenure. Let’s stay connected on mobile is the latest mantra of the Prime Minister of India. With his calculated PR and branding strategies, Narendra Modi already captivated the masses. Then he leveraged social media to reach out to people of the country and shared each and every move with the masses. Moving one step forward now he has launched his mobile App to stay constantly in touch with the ‘aam janta’ at their convenience. This will immensely help Narendra Modi in his efforts to glorify India’s global presence. Modi announced the launch on twitter. You can go to Google Play Store and simply download the ‘Narendra Modi App’.

This Android-based Mobile App is undoubtedly a great move to increase the PM’s digital presence and connect him to the 1.252 billion people of the country. It has several innovative features. There are sections like ‘News’ (Recent and Popular), ‘Mann Ki Baat’, ‘Good Governance’, ‘Infographics’ and his ‘Biography’. The new app gives a comprehensive insight on the initiatives and achievements of the Union Government.

Highlights of the Official App of the Prime Minister

To get an opportunity to receive messages directly and share ‘Mann ki Baat’ with the PM.
To give people a chance to interact with the PM and share suggestions and ideas (be an active partner in nation building).
To get an exclusive opportunity to receive emails directly from the PM.
To be able to contribute and earn badges from various to-do tasks.
To get regular updates on his blogs and speeches.
To know more about PM Narendra Modi through unique insights in the Biography section.
To know about the PM’s initiatives & achievements.
To know about how ‘Good Governance’ can improve lives in the Infographics section.
To know about the day-to-day activities of the Prime Minister.
To know about what has been communicated through his social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.


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