Transportation App by Delhi Govt

Transportation App by Delhi Govt
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Transportation App by Delhi GovtThe Government of Delhi has taken quite a few initiatives to streamline the public transport of the city. Currently, the Govt is working on a mobile app that will help commuters to get the exact schedule, location and seat availability regarding DTC buses and details required to hire auto rickshaw.

Everyday around four million commuters travel in around 6,000 buses operated by Delhi Transport Corporation. Manish Sisodia, the Deputy Chief Minister, said that in order to reduce congestion and pollution, the government has developed a mobile application through which commuters can get details of location, seat availability and schedule of DTC and Cluster buses plying in Delhi.

At present, 4,700 DTC buses and 1,300 buses under cluster services are operating in the city. More than 84,000 autos operate in the city.

Sisodia also mentioned that the government has decided to buy 10,000 buses out of which few will be acquired through public-private-partnership. The government is also planning to introduce a common card which can be used in Delhi Metro, buses, auto-rickshaws. This will ensure a hassle-free transportation.

With the help of the app, commuters can check frequency, route details, arrival time of buses and get location and mobile numbers of nearest auto-rickshaws drivers on their phone.

Sisodia clarified that the government is still testing the app and will launch it soon. He also mentioned that the main focus will be to improve public transportation. This in turn will discourage the use of private vehicles.
Senior government officials also confirmed, “The applications is being tested currently and will be launched soon. The app will also show the location and mobile numbers of the closest auto rickshaw drivers. The main focus is to incentivise the use of public transport in any way possible.”

The AAP government has set aside Rs. 5,085 crore, an increase of 23 percent over last year, in the budget for the transport sector.

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