Benefits of Coconut Oil: A Healthy Way of Living

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil might hold a humble position in your kitchen and life, but it is one of those food items which actually needs to be in the spotlight. Often tucked away in the corner of kitchen shelves, overshadowed by more commercialised oils, the goodness of coconut shouldn’t be overlooked. Why? Because it can enrich different areas of your life from beauty to health to taste. You can count on it to put off wrinkles, to get better marks on a test or simply enjoy a healthier heart.

There have been over 1,000 studies which prove this oil as one of the healthiest foods on Earth. Coconut oil, in most part, is made up of healthy fatty acids called MCFAs (medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). These fatty acids, unlike other fats, get easily converted into body fuels. They are also easier to digest and not stored as fats readily. This oil is also a powerhouse of energy and does a lot more.

Scroll down to know why you should switch to a coconut way of life.

Health Benefits

1. For a Stronger Heart

There are two kinds of things in the world – the good and the bad. And the coconut oil boosts the good and converts the remaining bads into good. How cool is that! The oil is rich in natural saturated fats which increase HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol) and convert LDL (the bad cholesterol) into the HDL. Coconut oil effortlessly promotes the heart health and also lowers the risk of heart-related diseases.

2. For Treating Kidney Infections

For kidney health, this oil is so highly regarded that doctors go as far as to inject coconut water for cleaning up kidney stones. Consuming coconut water on a daily basis keeps the urinary tract infection (UTI) at bay, and even prevents various kinds of kidney infections. The oil’s MCFAs kill the bacteria by disrupting the lipid coating present on it, and eventually killing the microbes.

3. For Disease Protection

In today’s world, many diseases are known to be caused by overgrowing of bacteria and virus. And coconut oil is excellent at fighting bacteria. It also creates an environment for viruses which is hostile for their growth. ‘Coconut oil’ a day, keeps the doctor away, anyone?

4. For Improving Brain Function and Memory

Researches show that this fatty acid can efficiently fuel brain cells. Many subjects have experienced an improvement in their recall ability. Now, here’s something that would come handy at exam time.

5. For Weight loss!!!

Those who are weight conscious would love to switch to this oil. This oil is a low-carb diet and is perfect for those who want to consume as low calories as possible from their base cooking oil. And there’s more. Besides not piling on your calories, it also helps you in losing weight by actually burning down the fat and already-present calories. Studies show that it is useful in cutting belly fat, too.

6. For Spotting the Pearly Whites

Doctors suggest that coconut oil helps in reducing the formation of plaque on teeth, keeping them healthy white. Also, the oil helps in better absorption of calcium in the body which is a vital component of teeth.

Beauty Benefits

Beauty is skin deep, true, but the presentation is everything. The oil’s effects on your skin and hair are simply brilliant…

7. For Flaunting Thick Shiny Locks

The most common use of the coconut oil is, perhaps, for oiling the hair and head massage; and understandably so. It is a natural hair conditioner and there’s no reason you won’t be flaunting lustrous hair within days after beginning its use. And if you have damaged hair, then it acts as no less than a magic potion. It provides essential proteins that heal and nourish the hair in no time. And if you are worried that your hair growth has stopped, then you can take help of this pure coconut goodness to get your hair growth back on track.

8. For Bidding Goodbye to Sun Tanning

A tanned skin is a nightmare for many. And you don’t need to splurge thousands on beauty treatments or buy expensive cream to get rid of these sun woes. Just a light application of the oil with massaging will keep you fair and glowing naturally.

9. To Have the Frugal Make-up Removal Option

From your waterproof mascara to liquid eyeliner to matte lipstick, coconut oil can easily swipe away the tough colours off your face.

10. To Smooth Your Way to a Soft Moisturised Skin

The oil is infused with Vitamin E and fatty acids – which means, simply, that it is a lord and saviour of dry skin. People with normal skin can also use it to keep their skin hydrated.

11. For Deferring Skin Ageing

Coconut oil is one oil which penetrates deep into the skin. It promotes collagen formation, the key component which keeps the skin youthful. So start your coconut oil regime today and defy the nature in the most natural way possible.

12. For Preventing Wrinkles

The coconut oil has a pronounced effect on the aged skin as well. Use the oil daily around wrinkles and smooth lines and see yourself stepping back in time.

Medicinal Uses

13. For an Effective Home-Made Sun Tan Lotion

Many sun creams have coconut oil as a key component. It has an SPF of 4 which can protect you from sun tan for about 45 minutes. So, whenever you can’t find your regular cream, you know there’s an effective sunblock there in your kitchen. Just dab it with a drop of lemon juice & cold water and you are good to go.

14. A Healing Agent

Coconut oil has exceptional healing effects against bruises and wounds. This oil has excellent antibacterial and antifungal properties. Healing of various kinds of burns, rashes, and wounds can be speeded up with this oil, thanks to its Lauric acid content. It also helps in relieving cold sores.

15. Bye Bye Constipation

Researchers claim that the oil reaches deep into our digestive tract and removes toxins and maintains the balance. Many people swear by this oil’s benefits in relieving constipation and bloating.

16. For Removal of Dandruff

Only few know that coconut oil is used in various dandruff removing creams. Instead of buying expensive creams, you can take the raw or rather less fancy route and apply the oil directly on the scalp. A regular massage helps in keeping dandruff away for long. It also helps in keeping the scalp and hair free from lice and their eggs.

Cooking Benefits

Coconut is one of the few oils that can withstand high temperatures without breaking down. So it makes for an ideal cooking oil.

17. For Enjoying a Delicious Toast

The conventional butter makes your toast delicious, agreed. But only a few come close to beating the flavour that coconut delivers. On top of that, it provides a lovely aroma that is hard to beat. And since, it’s carb free, it’s a healthy choice for enjoying your toast.

18. As a Coffee Creamer

You’ll be surprised at how delicious your coffee can taste with a little addition of coconut oil. If you blend your hot coffee with coconut oil, your cappuccino will invariably have a rich creamy flavour and that too without adding any dairy at all.

19. A Wonderful Popcorn Topping

Next time you make popcorn, top it with coconut oil. You’ll fall in love with the rich taste and the glorious smell.

20. For Adding the Extra Flavour to Your Fish

How do you like your fish? Extra-flavourful, we suppose. Then next time while you’re cooking fish to impress, use coconut oil. We’re sure you won’t be fishing for compliments at all, they’ll be pouring in already in abundance.

There are 20 reasons above for you to become a coconut oil convert. Which reason will you choose to switch to the healthier lifestyle?

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