General Elections 2014: Day 32

Narendra Modi has completed Modi-fication of BJP

So, it has happened. Narendra Modi has completed Modi-fication of BJP and announced the same with much fanfare. He reached out to people, bypassing party or candidates and asked for every vote to be cast in his favor. Now, the big question is whether BJP ever be able to put itself together again? Creating an organization is a disciplined, tedious task,   going out hammering it down is far easier. We don;t know how many are shedding tears for BJP’s demise, we don’t know how many, other than Amit Shahm are celebrating birth of a party called – Modi. Amit Shah in full celebration mode went overboard and asked Jaats of Muzaffarnagar to take revenge, to stand up against “insult” done. It is time for the Modi party to throw away the mask of development and play the polarization card to the max. Will it work? Tough question.

Politics is a hugely paying profession, if we still needed any proof, here is one. DMK’s S Jagatrakshakan, till recently, Union Minister of State for Information and Renewable Energy has declared to EC that he & his wife have seen a windfall, their assets as per them, have moved from Rs 5.91 Crores to Rs 78.04 Crores.    former DMK minister in the UPA government, has stated in his affidavit that his assets (including those in his wife’s name) are worth Rs 78.04 crore, up from Rs 5.91 crore in 2009. Now only Rs 60,00,000.00 from this kitty would be used and the balance Rs 10 or Rs 15 Crores would come from God knows where. Yes, yes, we know if you are not corrupt, why you are in politics and all. May God Bless, DMK, Tamilnadu and India.

More and more political pundits have come with a discovery, a brand new discovery which was first reported in 1952, the one who wins in UP would have a say in who runs India. Great, what a path breaking discovery! When you ask them who would win in UP? Hmm.. and ifs and buts follow till you give up. None of the pundits are giving Congress and its allies more than 10 seats and AAP more than 1, now how 70 odd or about are distributed amongst BJP, SP and BSP is keeping them awake. Mayawati had made a tall claim just before Delhi assemble elections that they would be the kingmakers in Delhi, that claims scope has been broadened, now BSP is confident that the next central government can’t be formed without their blessings.

Indian general elections have become too big for the comfort of Indian media, yes, they are in for some competition,  international media sees $$$s being made and want their share of the pie. Indian elections have never been covered anywhere close to this ever before. International media is totally sold out on high decibel levels about elections in all social media platforms. Tweets, status updates, instagraming and tumbler overdrive are 24×7 fixture of our elections, this time. That gives us international media a much needed connect and a foothold.

What do you do when you are allowed to count only till 7 and once you are done, you are expected to break the same to three numbers with eight digits including the zero in hand, our know all opinion mouthpieces have suggested 3, 3, 1 with 1 for Congress in Delhi. In Delhi it is anybody’s game, but it looks very unlikely that BJP would be able to do a 7/0 to Congress at the same time Congress doing a 7/0 is like growing bananas on Mount Everest. If one chooses to be charitable, one can say that it is really a fight to finsih between BJP, AAP and Congress. Who would walk away with what is at best anybody’s guess.

Arun Jaitley Ji is shivering in Amritsar, the seat has been represented by Cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu for 10 years and Mr. Jaitley doesn’t play Cricket. Mr. Jaitley doesn’t understand Amritsar and doesn’t understand Cricket too, so what to do? Someone told Mr. Jailtley that his getting a Punjabi cricketer would help covering for absence of Sidhu, enter Gautam Ghambir. Wow what six when you have been declared  run-out taking a single.

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