General Elections 2014 – Day 22

Election Day 22
A fight against a real Ambarsaria

Is Rahul Gandhi getting it? If his statements of last couple of days are to be considered, he is getting it after all, bigger issue is whether what he is getting would make a difference or it would be proverbial – too little too late.  Taking a dig at one of the biggest campaign disasters India has seen, Rahul Gandhi reminded BJP of the humiliation India Shinning got at the ballot boxes. He went on record saying that all this talk about Modi wave is a balloon which is about to burst. That looks like the first intelligent thing done by him during this campaign, can’t say whether he is capable of bringing in more like that or not. The big deal of the day was the Congress manifesto, of course it promised the moon and again of course, BJP tore it to shreds and confined it to the dustbins. BJP expressed its extreme displeasure while saying that where Congress / UPA couldn’t make any headway with the last manifesto, they had no business to go about selling more dreams, as per BJP there are no buyers for stories and promises told and sold by Congress.

“What to do with this man, he is totally mad,” I am sure this is exactly what was going on in Narendra Modi Ji’s head when he went ahead and labelled Arvind Kejriwal as AK-49 and compare him with AK-47 rifles “used by terrorists”. This definitely is an acknowledgement of Arvind Kejriwal factor and an indication that Narendra Modi would ensure that he talks about him in all his 185 scheduled rallies. Arvind Kejriwal must be walking his way to polling booths at such benevolence coming his way.

Looks like Narendra Modi Ji is non-playing captain of Aam Aadmi Party, every time he goes all out to criticise Arvind Kejriwal, Mr. Kejriwal’s online registers start ringing and donations start pouring in, Aam Aadmi Party declared that they touched Rs 1 crore collection figure for the first time, they went on dutifully give due credit for the same to Modi Ji. Interesting mathematics – you call me names and people would donate me money – wow! I am sure venture capitalists with their vulture eyes are scrutinizing unique business model at work here.

Aam Aadmi Party has some system which looks like is working – the candidate selection system. List of their candidates is becoming interesting by each passing day, there are accomplished professionals who are respected as much for their professional competence as for their belief in bringing values on the table. In a master stroke, Aam Aadmi Party has fielded Dr. Daljit Singh Ji, one of the most respected ophthalmologists of our country as its candidate against Arun Jaitley Ji and Captain Amrinder Singh Ji.

For those who are not aware of Dr. Daljit Singh, here is a primer – there is no block of row houses in Amritsar city which has multiple admirers of Dr. Singh and there is no village in Amritsar which is untouched by the magic of his services. For both, BJP’s potential dy. PM candidate and Congress’ old war horse it is a fight against a real Ambarsaria. I am not sure what a reluctant Captain would do and for BJP, there is a distinct possibility of their going and knocking the door of Navjot Singh Sidhu and patching up with him. I am sure BJP would leave the choice with Mr. Jaitley and go by his call.

While at Punjab, there was bad news pouring for BJP in its capital Chandigarh too. In a high-level meeting in presence of Kirron Kher, the candidate from Chandigarh, two factions decided to literally fight it out. Some functionaries got scared and decided to call police when knives came into play, two of its leaders landed up in the hospital and the city police rounded up all those who were involved. With their PM and Dy. PM candidates both under pressure, one only prays BJP holds itself back from doing any more self goals. It is getting too close and the elections are not going to go on forever.

Meanwhile in a very controlled statement, Advani Ji, predicted doom for Congress and went on record saying that never before has Congress’ defeat been so certain. That can of course be true, if we don’t consider 1977, where every one knew that “Gaai” aur “Bachara“, from  the traditional election symbol of Congress party and a moniker for Indira Gandhi and her son Sanjay Gandhi, would both lose. Nobody is betting on Congress crossing 100 seat mark on its own in these elections.

If you go by the son set on eclipsing his father and younger brother’s party, Karunanidhi’s DMK is likely to retain only one of eighteen seats it currently has in Tamilnadu. Alagiri has declared that he is giving these elections slip and won’t be contesting, however he made it amply clear that he would be supporting others. Lot of drama still to unfold in this state with Jayalalitha sure that she would be the next Prime Minister of India. All the best Mam, no one can deny you your dreams.

There is good news for BJP from Varansi, temporary resident of Agra Central Jail, Mukhtar Ansari has decided to contest against Narendra Modi from Varanasi. In 2009, Ansari, one of the biggest dons of East-Uttar Pradesh lost narrowly to Murli Manohar Joshi. His contesting is a bad news for AAP as it splits Muslim vote significantly.

There is much more to come in days to come, keep reading.


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