Namma Mysore

Representing the rich traditional art and craft of the ancient times, Namma Mysore is a plethora of cultural programmes that are presented by the members of the charitable trust of Divya Deepa. Formed on the lines of social service and with a noble aim in mind, the charitable trust offers the underprivileged children with education, monetary help and selfless love and attention.

The members of Namma Mysore encourage the small children to participate in the social and cultural events of the performing arts of dance, skits, dramas, western classical music and fashion show. Under the enriched guidance of famous personalities from the field of performing arts, the poor and downtrodden children explore their latent potentialities and display their artistic caliber to the rest of the world through the various cultural events organized by the trust.

The organization extends invitation to well known musical groups, dance troupes, and famous personalities to display their artistic talent on stage. The trust provides training to the children on the traditional martial art of Kalaripayattu. The professional experts from the sphere of Kalaripayattu display their skills to the audience in the numerous shows arranged by the trust.

A novel step in the field of social service, Divaya Deepa Charitable Trust offers exemplary service to the deprived children of the society. Upholding the rich traditional heritage of the region, the cultural and social events of Namma Mysore displays the indigenous cultural traits of the state that has percolated to the modern era from the ancient times.

One of the important tourist attractions in Mysore, Namma Mysore attracts several visitors who are overwhelmed with the awesome artistic presentation of the performing arts of the region with much ease and elegance.

Last Updated on 08/30/2011