Porbandar Crafts

Porbandar Crafts have exquisite designs on them. They are in high demand in the markets due to the traditional aspect of the Indian art that they represent. The objects are made by hand but the designs are impressed on them through machines. The unique quality of Porbandar handicrafts is the intricacy in design and color combination.

Porbandar Crafts are famous in India for their uniqueness and their intricate design. Earthen wares are made in Porbandar by the hand wheel. The casting of metal is done by the craft of engine and given various shapes. The potters in Porbandar are experts in making different handicrafts in different shapes. The objects are given the required shape by hands and then by the machines with the grooved plates, which makes the zigzag pattern on the objects.

Porbandar is also famous for the cotton garments, clay articles, furniture, jewelry, metal products and cushions and bed covers. These are very colorful items that are made in the shape of the different geometric designs, which attract the people visiting Gujarat. The traditional items, which are made and sold in the market, appeal to the tourists for their representation of the age-old Gujarati art and crafts.

The objects made by the potters are exquisite in design and color combination. The crafts of Porbandar are famous all over the world for their color combinations. The color schemes are exclusive and appeal to the eye. Anybody taking a look at them would vouch for the exclusiveness of the works. The furniture that are made in Porbandar is of great value since they are also durable in nature and are beautiful to look at.

The leading handicrafts center in Porbandar is known as Vasant Handicrafts. They deal in beaded handicrafts of all types and export them to other countries as well. Among the handicrafts that are sold here are beaded sheets, wall hangings and shawls.

Last Updated on 19th January 2013