Porbandar Food

Porbandar food mainly comprises vegetarian dishes. Dhokla, sev, doodha pak, shrikhand and kadhi are some of the popular food items of this city of Gujarat.

Porbandar food includes dhokla, kadhi, sev, shrikhand, undhyo, mohanthal and suter pherni. The food of Porbandar reflects the eating-habits of the inhabitants of the city, who are mainly vegetarians. It is remarkable that Gujarat is the only state in India, where majority of the population prefer vegetarian food. Yoghurt, seasame seeds, groundnut, coconut and buttermilk are some of the common ingredients used in the food of Porbandar, or broadly speaking Gujarat. For seasoning, fenugreek, asafoetida, mustard and thyme are liberally used by the people of Porbandar.

The people of Porbandar, like the other Gujaratis, are fond of snacks. Therefore, the food of this city of Gujarat includes a number of snacks. Some of the favorite items of snacks in Porbandar are ganthia, papads, sev, chivda and farshan. The people of Porbandar are especially fond of 'Papad', which is made from bajra, wheat or rice. Papad is generally steamed, unlike in the other Indian cities, and served with hot beverages.

A Gujarati 'thali', which is hugely preferred in Porbandar, presents a whole platter of delicacies including rice, chappati, lentils, vegetables, buttermilk, sweets and yogurts. Porbandar food also includes sweetmeats and pickles. Among the pickles that are widely eaten in Porbandar are chanduo, athanu and goondas. Shrikhand is a favorite sweet dish of the people of Porbandar, which is prepared from yogurt. Flavored with nuts, saffron, cardamom and candied fruit, shrikhand is preferably eaten with pooris.

Last Updated on 19th January 2013