Porbandar Festivals

Porbandar festivals are a concoction of colors. The people of Porbandar celebrate the festivals of Navaratri, Holika and the Porbandar Melo in a magnificent way. Thousands of people visit Porbandar during the festivals every year.

Porbandar festivals are the most colorful festivals in India. The entire populace of Porbandar celebrates Navaratri and Dussehra with great pomp and show. There are a number of melas or fairs held at Porbandar. People visit these fairs with lot of enthusiasm and excitement. These are a source of entertainment to the people of Porbandar and are also part of their traditions.

The Festival of Nine Days and Nights

Among the festivals, Navaratri is the biggest festival of the people of Porbandar. This festival commences from 7th October and continues for another 10 days. This festival used to take place in a small scale previously but these days it has taken huge dimensions and is celebrated in a grand way. People wear new colorful clothes and lots of jewelries. They pray in front of the idol of their deity. The festival is made more interesting by adding the traditional dance forms of Garba and Raas in which groups of men and women dance in a round about manner.

The Mela or Fair

The Porbandar Melo is another festival in Porbandar. This festival takes place in August and thousands of people visit the mela. The venue of the mela is the seaside, which adds glamour to the festival.

The Festival of Holi

Hollika is yet another festival in Porbandar which is very famous all across the country. This is a festival that celebrates the triumph of the good over evil. People celebrate it through the folk songs and dances, which is actually led by the Maher community. It is a yearly festival.

Therefore, it could be said that the people of Porbandar are fun loving people who love to celebrate the colorful and beautiful moments of life in myriad ways.

Last Updated on 19th January 2013