Nawalgarh falls in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. The region draws its fame from the exquisitely painted havelis, which has earned it the status of 'Open Air Gallery'. As a part of the same region Nawalgarh too has its share of murals and frescoes on havelis, which form the tourist attractions in Nawalgarh.

Nawalgarh is a small locality centring round a fort. Rajput chieftain Nawal Singh founded the Nawalgarh Fort in 18th Century. The sprawling fort houses a number of havelis with beautiful architecture and some of the finest frescoes in the region.

In the outskirt of the region, there is a palace - Roop Niwas Palace, the erstwhile residence of the Thakurs. The palace now converted to a heritage hotel is itself a tourist attraction in Nawalgarh.

At the west of the fort, there is a cluster of havelis, which are known as Aath Havelis ('aath' implying eight in number). The frescoes and murals here display a transition period in the traditional painting with the European influence.

Many of the paintings here have been disfigured by modernity though. Conservation processes are still on to retain these invaluable treasures of a rich heritage.

Some notable havelis like Muraraka Haveli, Hem Raj Kulwal Haveli, Morarka Haveli are some of the major tourist attractions in Nawalgarh.

Last Updated on : October 01, 2013