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Travel to Mandawa

Mandawa Tourism

Mandawa is a beautiful city in the heart of the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. A travel to Mandawa would take you to the fairytale city where forts, palaces, castles and havelis have exquisite paintings on them.

The city is located 190kms off Jaipur. It is not long since Mandawa has come up in the tourist map of India. But the place has gained tremendous popularity as because of its rich cultural heritage. Huge numbers of people today travel to Mandawa to see the paintings, which have earned the city the reputation of "Open Air Art Gallery".

Mandawa was founded in the mid 18th century. As it was an important halt on the famous Silk Route to China, the rich merchants built their 'havelis' here. The lavish buildings were adorned with beautiful paintings on religious, historical, folk and social themes.

The impressive Castle Mandawa would greet you as you travel to Mandawa. The towering castle dominates the skyline of Mandawa. From the imposing ramparts, you would get a spectacular view of the town. Made of white marble, reds and blues, each room is uniquely decorated with antique furniture, old frescoes. The castle has now been converted to a hotel. Treasure your travel to Mandawa staying at Castle Mandawa.

How to Reach Mandawa

Mandawa is located in the Shekhawati region in Rajasthan. Shekhawati region is known over the world because of its treasure of exquisitely painted palaces and havelis. Established in the 18th century, Mandawa has its fair share of fantastically painted murals on both the exterior and interior walls of the havelis.

The havelis of Mandawa have some of the best murals in Shekhawati. People across the globe come to visit this "open air art gallery" in huge numbers.

By Air

The nearest airport from Mandawa is Jaipur. Being the capital of the state of Rajasthan, it is a notable domestic airport. You can reach Jaipur directly by air from cities like: Delhi, Mumbai, Udaipur and so on.

By Train

The nearest railhead is Jhunjhunu. The station is serviced by several important trains and is linked to major stations like, Delhi, Jaipur, Bikaner.

By Road

A convenient network of roads covers Mandawa. You may reach Mandawa by road from several cities in Rajasthan and North India like: Delhi, Jaipur, Bikaner.

Shopping in Mandawa

For the avid shopper, shopping in Mandawa is a delightful experience. If you have an eye for art and painting, Mandawa is an excellent place for shopping. style="font-size:14px;font-weight:bold;">More on tourist attractions of Mandawa

Last Updated on : 16/09/2013