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Travel to Mukundgarh

Mukundgarh Tourism

The village of Mukundgarh lies 5km off Dudlod, another notable destination in Shekhawati.

The impressive Mukundgarh Fort welcomes you as you travel to Mukundgarh. The fort is the focus of the village of Mukundgarh. Travel to Mukundgarh to see some of the finest Shekhawati frescoes. The havelis are adorned with beautiful paintings, which is rare sight anywhere else in India.

The havelis actually belonged to the rich merchants who made burgeoning wealth with the help of their sharp business acumen.Magnificent archways, huge ramparts, turreted roofs characterize the splendid edifices where the womenfolk use to lead lavish life while the merchants stayed away in the commercial centers like Gujarat, Kolkata.

The paintings depict a range of themes adopted from religious legends, historical anecdotes and social events. Some of the paintings sport a unique blend of European style with the indigenous tradition.

How to Reach Mukundgarh

The little town of Mukundgarh falls in the Shekhawati region in Rajasthan. Around 25 km southeast of Mandawa, Mukundgarh is famous for its fort and havelis and a central fort. Shekhawati region often referred as the "Open Air Art Gallery" draws its fame from the paintings in the old Havelis. Being an important destination in Mukundgarh has its own share of painted and frescoed havelis and a lot people travel to Mukundgarh in lure of this.

By Air

The nearest airport from Mukundgarh is Jaipur. Being the capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur is served by regular flights to and from several cities like: Delhi, Mumbai and so on.

By Road

You may access Mukundgarh by road from Jaipur or from Bikaner. National Highways and state highways and several other metalled roads network Mukundgarh, Jaipur and Bikaner with Delhi, Agra, Jaisalmer and many other cities.

By Rail

Mukundgarh has a railway station of its own, which is linked with major stations like: Delhi, Jaipur. Mukundgarh Express connects Mukundgarh to these cities.

Shopping in Mukundgarh

For the discerning shopper, shopping in Mukundgarh would be a pleasant experience. Mukundgarh falls in the region of Shekhawati, which is known across the world as the "Open Air Art Gallery". Being a part of Shekhawati Mukundgarh too basks in the glorious tradition of painting.

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Last Updated on : 19/09/2013