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Travel to Shekhawati

Shekhawati Tourism

In the semi desert region of Rajasthan, Shekhawati is cluster of a few villages that have tremendously rich tradition of painting. Exquisitely painted forts and havelis lie peppered all over the region so much so that the region is fondly dubbed as the "Open Air Art Gallery"

The land has a rich history behind its making. The name seems to have originated from a Rajpur chieftain Rao Shekha. In the 14th century, the region emerged as an important halt on the Silk Route, which was a lifeline of trading activities in contemporary India. The merchants made huge money and built their havelis in this area.

Travel to Shekhawati to see the castles, forts and havelis were adorned with beautiful frescoes and murals depicting scenes from myths, legends, historical events and social themes. The paintings, although reflected the regional traditional, later imbibed the European influence.

A sense of discovery would capture you as you travel to Shekhawati. Walk by the dusty lanes and by-lanes of this otherwise barren land, some surprise or other await you in every turn.

How to Reach Shekhawati

The semi desert area of Shekhawati is located in Rajasthan. Delhi, Jaipur and Bikaner lie on three corners of the region. Extraordinary cultural heritage marks the tourist attractions in Shekhawati.

The strategic advantage of its location has made access to Mandawa quite easy. The international airport of Delhi lies close by. One can easily reach Shekhawati from any part of Rajasthan and other important cities in northern India.

By Air

The nearest airport from the region is in Jaipur, the state capital. The domestic airport is serviced regularly by a number of airlines. Several flights connect Jaipur to cities like, Delhi, Mumbai, Udaipur.

By Train

Two major Railway Stations nearby are Jaipur and Bikaner. Numerous important trains link these stations with Delhi, Mumbai, Jodhpur, Udaipur and so on.

By Road

An extensive network of roads covers the region. The best way to access Shekhawati by road is from Jaipur or from Bikaner. Both of the cities are well networked by roads with many other cities in Rajasthan and northern part of India.

Shopping in Shekhawati

Shekhawati is famous of its exquisitely painted and frescoed havelis. The region is often dubbed as "Open Air Art Gallery".

If you have an eye for art and paintings, shopping in Shekhawati would be a wonderful experience. Painting as a handicraft is a rich tradition in Shekhawati. Skilled artisans in the region paint and recreate fantastic murals on paper and cloth. These serve as excellent items for interior decoration and as souvenirs. You may also gift it to near and dear ones. Do pick up a piece or two while shopping in Shekhawati.

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Last Updated on : 25/09/2013