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Fatehpur Travel

Situated in the Sikar district in northern side of the state of Rajasthan, the quaint town of Fatehpur is a tourist destination off the beaten track. Situated within the Delhi-Jaipur-Bikaner triangle, its easily accessible location makes it a premium tourist spot, although it is not as crowded or commercialized as the other towns of the state of Rajasthan.

Falling mostly within the larger travel itineraries that encompass the Shekhawati region, Fatehpur is famous for its beautiful havelis and frescoes, and sees a slow but steady inflow of tourists through the tourist season of the area. It is an especially interesting tourist site for travellers interested in knowing about local art practices and architectural norms. The walls of the havelis here are opulently painted and are quite a tourist attraction for both local and international travellers. Fatehpur is also often used as a base to visit other towns in the Shekhawati region, which boast of the same artistic heritage.

Places to visit

Shekhawati is very famous among the global travelling community for its grandly painted havelis and its frescoes, and Fatehpur is very much one of the crown gems of the region. There are many exciting historical spots and sites of rich cultural heritage in town.
  • The Nadine Le Prince haveli and cultural center, originally belonging to the Deora family and now purchased and fully renovated by French artist Nadine Le Prince, is a sight for sore eyes because of its astonishing renovation work on the beautiful frescoes with the predominant shade of blue. The Nadine Le prince haveli also acts as an art gallery, often holding exhibitions of both modern and contemporary art within its painted walls.

  • Another beautiful haveli in Fatehpur is the Jagannath Singhania haveli, belonging to the JK group. It also boasts of some of the most wonderful frescoes in the town.

  • With themes like Radha-Krishna, or even the British armed guards and soldiers, the Geori Shankar haveli has a breathtaking mirror work on its ceilings.

  • The Choudharia haveli also enjoys a special status as its frescoes move away from religious or ornamental themes towards more erotic content.

Best time to visit

Fatehpur is situated on the northern part of Rajasthan and being so proximal to the Thar desert, it experiences harsh and extreme weather - with very hot summers and very cold winters. The average summer temperatures stay between 48 to 49 degrees Celsius and it is very hot and uncomfortable. The heat is also very dry, coming straight from the heat waves of the desert, which makes it an unhealthy climate to travel in. The average winter temperatures hover around zero to one degree Celsius, with the cold waves of the desert biting into the bone.

The best time to visit Fatehpur, therefore is around February and March and around October and November, that is, autumn and spring. The temperatures remain moderate, yet there is a pleasant chill in the air and it is very comfortable to travel in this weather. The days are sunny and tourists are advised to carry a cap or some headgear to avoid direct exposure to the harsh unprotected sun of Rajasthan.

How to reach Fatehpur

Fatehpur is situated on the New Delhi-Jaipur-Bikaner triangle and is fairly easily accessible, especially for an off-beat destination track. Rajasthan has a very well-connected tourism and travelling network and all the towns in the Shekhawati region, including Fatehpur, fall within this.

The nearest international airport is in Jaipur, which is about 157 kms away from Fatehpur. Taxis and private cars ply between Fatehpur and Jaipur Airport. Jaipur Airport is connected to the most important cities in the country as well as abroad via operators such as Air India, Jet Airways, JetKonnect, IndiGo, SpiceJet, GoAir, Oman Air, Air Costa, Air India Express, Air Arabia, etc.

Fatehpur is also approachable by train through the nearest railway station, Jhunjhunu, 9.8 kms away from the town. Jhunjhunu is connected to Jaipur Station via trains like the Intercity Express and the Loharu passenger, and Jaipur is in turn connected to all important cities throughout the country.

Fatehpur is easily approachable by road as well, with private cars and taxis plying from the main Rajasthani cities such as Jaipur, Jodhpur and Bikaner. There are also direct buses from Delhi, Jaipur, Bikaner, etc., to Shekhawati, which will drop off tourists at Fatehpur.

Local transport

The local transportation in Fatehpur is more or less taken care of by the local buses. These buses have a good network in town. Besides, they also connect Fatehpur to the outlying areas of the Shekhawati region such as Mandawa, Churu, etc., which are also dynamic tourist destinations with beautiful havelis and frescoes.

Apart from this, there are auto rickshaws which are available that ply through the town and connect the main tourist spots in the area. This is an easy and time-efficient way of travelling across the town. Because it is such a small town, it is advisable that travellers also try out walking around to the main tourist attractions, and havelis to get a very intimate feel of the place and see the frescoes and haveli wall paintings more closely and slowly. The more luxurious way of sightseeing around Fatehpur is by hiring a private car or taxi which can be a much more comfortable and relaxed tour.


While there are not too many hotels in Fatehpur, there are many hotels, lodges and luxury resorts in the Shekhawati area nearby, which can be availed by the travellers. The Hotel Haveli, a luxury guest house under the aegis of the Rajasthan State Tourism Development Corporation is one of the few decent accommodation options in Fatehpur. It is a lovely place to stay, with opulent architecture and clean and safe rooms. This is not a very pocket-friendly option and travellers who are on a modest budget will have to look for alternatives.

Not far away from Fatehpur are options such as Paawana Haveli and Hotel Desert and Dunes in Mandawa, Hotel Shakti Palace and Malji Ka Kamra Heritage Resort in Churu and Roop Vilas Resort in Nawalgarh. These accommodation options are also all quite luxurious and generally provide taxis and cars to ferry tourists to Fatehpur for day trips.

Travel tips

Fatehpur is a travel destination off the beaten track and while most of the tourism that happens in and around the town is luxury tourism where travellers are well taken care of, there are some things that need to be kept in mind by all tourists visiting the town. The town of Fatehpur is very close to the Thar desert and experiences very harsh and extreme weather conditions. It is very important for travellers to carry gear that protects them from the climate.

The summer months demand light cotton clothes and sunglasses. Along with this, a cap or a brimmed hat is a must to beat the harsh and scorching sun. In winters, tourists should take care to carry as much warm clothing as possible along with sunblock and moisturizing creams because of the dryness of the area.

Apart from this, tourists are asked to remain vigilant of the various hotels that have mushroomed around the area, calling themselves heritage resorts and overcharging travellers, especially foreign nationals.

How many days are enough to travel

Fatehpur generally falls within larger Shekhawati-Mandawa-Nawalgarh-Churu itineraries. That is, of course, a much longer and more elaborate trip. one Number: 011-2338 9525, 2338 3837

Emergency contact numbers

Fatehpur, like all destinations in Rajasthan is a fairly safe town and is easy to navigate through. The tourism options in this area are also fairly high-end and luxurious, so travelling through this area should be fairly comfortable. But still, tourists are advised to stay on their guard and keep themselves healthy in the harsh weather conditions of the area. Following are some emergency contact numbers that travellers can refer to while travelling through this town.

Fatehpur Hospital
300K, Ward No.26,
Station Road, Fatehpur-Shekhawati,
RJ 332301
Tel: 01571 230 200

Fatehpur Sadar Kasba
Fatehpur (Sikar)
RJ 332301
Tel: 01571-230302

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