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Places to Visit in Mukundgarh

Places to See in Mukundgarh

Mukundgarh belongs to the fabled Shekhawati region in Rajasthan. The impressive Mukundgarh Fort is the focus of the little village. The founded in mid 18th century by Raja Mukund Singh, a Rajput chieftain.

The tourist attractions in Mukundgarh lie in its beautifully painted havelis and forts. The havelis represent the famous tradition of paintings that Shekhawati boasts of. Mukundgarh has some of the finest frescoes and mural in the Shekhawati region.

Mukundgarh Fort

The sprawling Mukundgarh Fort has an impressive structure with spacious courtyards, overhanging balconies, huge ramparts. The interiors, embellished with extraordinarily beautiful paintings, are even more fascinating.

Although there have been some renovations, still the fort retains its original charm to large extent. The fort has now been converted to a hotel. A stay at this hotel is one of the major tourist attractions in Mukundgarh.

The paintings in Mukundgarh havelis feature a variety of themes ranging from mythological stories, historical events to social satires. With the arrival of the British, European style of painting influenced this Shekhawati tradition. The same becomes obvious in the frescoes of Mukundgarh.

Last Updated on : September 26, 2013