Places to Visit in Rajkot

Places to See in Rajkot

Ramakrishna Ashram

Ramkrishna Ashram of Rajkot propagates the universal teachings of Vedanta. The Ramkrishna Ashram illustrates the life of Ramakrishna and promotes universal brotherhood and religious harmony.

Watson Museum

Watson Museum, located in the Jubilee Gardens, was established in the year 1888. Watson Museum is dedicated to Colonel James Watson. The Watson Museum is one of the important tourist attractions of Rajkot that witnesses a huge tourist traffic every year.

Race Course of Rajkot

The Race Course of Rajkot stretches magnificently in the heart of the city. A pride of this city of Gujarat, the premises enclose several Rajkot tourist attractions, all in one place. The Rajkot race course area comprises of huge grounds with large open spaces. The place houses an indoor stadium of Olympic standard, a cricket ground to host international matches and grounds for football, hockey as well as volleyball.

Rotary Midtown Dolls Museum

The Rotary Midtown Dolls Museum situated in the heart of Rajkot endeavors to showcase the manifestation of the cultural heritage and tradition through the medium of dolls. Spread over 9000 sq. ft., the Rajkot Dolls Museum began its journey on 24 July, 2004, and boasts of an awesome collection of dolls from about 93 countries across the world bearing the flag of their respective countries.

Rashtriya Shala

The Rashtriya Shala is one of the most important tourist attractions located in the district of Rajkot. This structure has a lot of historical importance and hence it has immense value to the tourists who find interest in anything related to the history of the country of India.

Ishwariya Temple

The Ishwariya Temple is one of the most significant attractions for the tourists who come to visit the district of Rajkot on a vacation. This temple is one of the most well known temples of the country of India.

Jagat Mandir

Jagat Mandir is one of the most significant places of interest in the city of Rajkot. This temple is of special importance to the people in the state of Gujarat as well as the remaining part of India who follow the religion of Hinduism.

Kaba Gandhi No Delo

Kaba Gandhi No Delo is one of the most significant Rajkot tourist attractions in Gujarat, India. This structure is one of the places of interest that have a lot of historical importance.

Rajkumar College

Rajkumar College is one of the significant places of interest that are located in the district of Rajkot. The tourists who come to the district of Rajkot often visit the Rajkumar College of Rajkot as it is considered one of the most important historical structures of the place.

Last Updated on : March 24, 2014