Rajkot-Palace of Wankaner

Rajkot-Palace of Wankaner trip is among the most popular weekend tours from Rajkot. Palace of Wakaner is one of the grand palaces of Gujarat, which is known for its Rajput, Venetian, Gothic and Islamic style of architecture.

Palace of Wankaner was built by Maharana Raj Shri Amarsinghji. Maharana Raj Shri Amarsinghji was the last ruler of Wankaner, who is also said to have designed the palace. The Palace of Wankaner is a grand building that is three stories high. Situated in the Gadhio hills, Palace of Wankaner is one of the marvelous buildings of Gujarat that is known for its beautiful arches and minarets with domes. The clock tower of the palace also adds to the charm of the palace.

Besides, the Palace of Wankaner has a private museum that is famous for its collection of hunting trophies and royal artifacts. The collection of the palace includes:
  • Swords
  • Stuffed animals of 95 species
  • Shields and daggers
  • Linen chests
  • Thrones
  • Paintings
  • Pig sticking spears
  • Duelling pistols
  • Silver plated howdahs
  • Chandeliers
  • Period furnitures
  • Vintage cars
  • American cars and carriages
  • Italianate fountains
The palace is also known for its collection of old vintage cars. The palace is also known to possess some of the finest Kathiawadi horses. Visitors can also enjoy folk dances and other cultural performances at this site.

Therefore, it is evident that Palace of Wankaner offers a wide scope for tourism. Tourists coming to Rajkot make it a point to come to the Palace of Wankaner. Rajkot-Palace of Wakaner tour is one of the most popular tours in Gujarat.

Last Updated on 06/06/2013