Rajkot Climate

Rajkot climate is not at all at all unpleasant. The city of Rajkot does not witnesses much extreme climatic conditions, which makes it easier for the visitors to travel to this place and stay here.

The summertime stretches from the month of March to the month of June. During the months of summer, the temperature during the daytime in this city of Gujarat can be as high as 42°C. The rainy season stretches from the month of July to the month of September. The average rainfall that this place of Gujarat receives throughout the year is about 276 mm. The winter time starts from the month of October and stretches till February.

One of the most important weather phenomena that are associated with the city of Rajkot is cyclone. The cyclones generally occur in the Arabian Sea during the months after the rainy season. The region experiences a lot of rainfall and high-speed winds during the time of the year after the monsoon season as well as the months of May and June. However, May and June experience lesser amount of rainfall and winds than the post-monsoon time. Thunderstorms are another important part of the Rajkot weather in the months of June and July. Fog is one of the major phenomena of Rajot climate during winter. During summer time, the temperature ranges between 24°C and 42°C. In the months of winter, Rajkot temperature varies between 10°C and 24°C.

The time of the year between the month of October and the month of March is commonly considered to be the best time to travel to this place of Gujarat. The weather of Rajkot is the most pleasant at this time of the year.