Boot Camp Training in Shimla

Boot Camp Training in Shimla is much favored by Software professionals from all over the globe.

The beauty of Shimla provides the perfect foil to the complete dedication and hard work expected in these courses.
    Boot Camp Training in Shimla is an intensive, accelerated continuing education program for Software professionals. The education program includes computer skills aptitude certification for:
  • Microsoft
  • Citrix
  • Cisco
  • Check Point
  • Sun Java
  • Oracle
  • CompTIA
  • Security/Hacking
  • Novell CLP
  • Red Hat
  • Other multiple certifications

Boot Camp Training in Shimla is conducted by Koenig-the premier provider of specialist computer education. Koenig is a a pioneer in Information Technology(IT) training in India. Koenig counts Information Technology professionals, software developers and system analysts among its customer base.
    The USP of attending a Boot Camp Training in Shimla are:
  • Personalized training: Every individual participant gets a personal trainer during the entire duration of the Boot Camp Training in Shimla.
  • Consistent Boot Camps: Whatever the number of the participants, Boot Camps are guaranteed to take place; so there is no chance of last minute cancellations.
  • Best Value for your money: Boot Camp Training in Shimla provides more benefits for less expense when compared to its peers anywhere in the world.
  • No mismatch of participants: Candidates are evaluated prior to the start of the Boot Camp. This eliminates any mismatch of the candidates skill level in a specific batch.
  • Rich variety of courses: The education program includes skill certification for a wide spectrum of technologies

Boot Camp Training in Shimla incorporates Indian values with western business practices to provide a winning training program for the students.

Last Updated on : 29/05/2013

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