Raj Bhavan Of Shimla

The Raj Bhavan of Shimla is located in the city of Chota Shimla. The Raj Bhavan happens to be the dwelling place of the Governor of the state of Himachal Pradesh. The Raj Bhavan of Shimla was originally called the Barnes Court in the name of Sir Edward Barnes who was the then commander-in-chief.

This heritage building of Shimla has got a big spacious interior with a ball dancing room. Lord Napier of Magdala, Sir Colin Campbell and Sir Hugh Rose once used to be the residents of the Raj Bhavan of Shimla. The Shimla Raj Bhavan bears the typical English country like architectural style.

The Shimla Peace Accord of 1972 that took place between Pakistan Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and the Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was executed in this building by which both the countries agreed to rule out disputes through bilateral understanding.

This prestigious building of Raj Bhavan can only be visited with prior permission from the Secretariat of the Governor of Shimla. Shimla is a hill resort that is an ideal tourist destination. As such, the places in and around Shimla are Shimla's wealth.

The Raj Bhavan being a heritage site have also a major attraction to the tourists. The building has been very well maintained by the government of Himachal Pradesh. The Raj Bhavan of Shimla still holds the glory and charm of the bygone days. The walls of the Raj Bhavan of Shimla still reverberates with the tinkling of fine cutlery of the British Raj.

Last Updated on : 29/05/2013

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