Sair Festival of Shimla

The Sair festival of Shimla is a time of merriment for the people of Himachal Pradesh. It is famous throughout the country of India. Himachal Pradesh is the center of an innumerable festivals that take place throughout the year. They glorify the rich culture, custom and tradition of India.

The Shimla Sair festival of Himachal Pradesh is celebrated with extreme enthusiasm in the month of September. This festival is peculiar of its kind as the people of Himachal Pradesh celebrates this festival with a bull fight event. People from the adjacent areas throng to watch the bull fight.

Most of the festivals of India have been inspired by the western customs which the English brought with them while their rule in India.

In the same way, the Sair festival centered around the fight between the bulls can be seen to have the influence of the Spartan Bull Fight that used to take place in Athens.

But even then, there exists a difference, for in Athens the fight was prohibited to the general mass but in the bull fight of Shimla, the locals as well as all other people can assemble to watch the event.

On the occasion of Shimla Sair festival, the place witnesses a number of cultural programmes. The people of Himachal Pradesh celebrates the day with song and dance performances.

People give stalls wherefrom buying and selling of various articles like beautiful potteries, local textiles, etc take place.

People clad themselves in vibrant colored garments on the day of Sair festival. Women wear different kinds of jewelry. Everywhere the air seems to have the spirit of enjoyment.

Last Updated on : 29/05/2013

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