Shimla Camps for Kids

Every year camps for kids are laid down in Shimla during the summer season. The Shimla Camps for Kids aim at the overall development of the kid. It fosters the spirit of group work, significance of unity and leadership values among the kids. It also makes them follow the principles of togetherness and self-sufficiency.

The Shimla Camps for Kids offer a wide variety of activities and exercises from which your child can benefit. They are :
  • Rock Climbing : This adventure sport is not only an entertaining game for the kids. Rather it builds up their confidence. It teaches them how important it is to keep the mind, body and soul together to face any hardship.
  • Rappelling : This game is part of these camps because it helps a child to learn how much to trust other people and substantial instruments.
  • River Fording and Raft building : This makes a kid learn about the strength of the nature and how we humans have the capacity to overcome it through our techniques and material.
  • Rifle Shooting : This teaches the child that to attain accuracy and end result, one need to have control over the instrument, body and senses.

    The above activities of the Shimla Camp for Kids help to cultivate the following qualities among your child:

  • Skills to survive the toughest challenge of the nature.
  • Community values i.e., to respect the living style and culture of other communities.
  • Ecological balance - how to achieve it and how much it is necessary for our own survival.
  • Consistency and constant effort is necessary for achieving success.

Last Updated on : 29/05/2013

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