Shimla Car Rental

If you wish to see the sights around Shimla at your own pace, then you can consider renting a car in Shimla. Shimla car rental offers you flexibility and making your own choices!

Shimla car rental are facilitated by an agency which gives for rent a car complete with a chauffeur. The choice of cars available from Shimla car rental are quite extensive - from small cars like the Maruti Zen to bigger (and more luxurious) Toyota Corolla. You also have the choice of some mean looking SUV's like the Ford Endeavour. International car hiring companies like Avis operate in Shimla.

Shimla car rentals are provided to you for a short period of time. The time span may range from a few hours to a week. Shimla car rental companies are usually to found near places, where their presence is most desired; Shimla car rental companies are to be found near the Shimla railway station, Shimla bus stand and near the Shimla Mall.

Shimla car rental provide service to tourists. Different people require different cars; the choice of cars in case of Shimla car rentals is determined by your budget. The more the budget i.e your capacity to spend, the better the car you can rent to take you places.

If you are on a tight budget, then it is better to stick to a small car like the Maruti. If you have an extensive budget, you can take a pick among premium cars like the Toyota Qualis and Chevrolet Optra.

Most Shimla car rental companies are members of travel agent's associations like Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI).

Last Updated on : 29/05/2013

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