Shimla E Governance

Shimla E Governance has been playing a major role in Shimla's economic development. Shimla's DIC or the District Informatics Center has been instituted at the Collectorate Complex in 1988.

DIC has been helping in the installation of hardwares and in the development of softwares ever since then.

The servers have been put up at the DIC office and the LAN or the Local Area Network is placed at the Collectorate that is linked with all the branches of the DC office.

The DIC comprises of two Unix based servers. One of them is used for the DC office branches and the other is used for Land Records Computerization.

The entire network is meshed with a wave of 35 terminals and 20 printers. It has got high speed Directway-4020 VSAT for accessing Internet. The entire system is under the domination of Intranet.

The main forte of the E Governance of Shimla has been the following:
  • To establish a transparent governmental system.
  • To furnish all kinds of services to the people with high speed, quality and efficiency.
  • To rule out the domination of the middle men.
  • To establish a sound administrative system.
The DIC at Shimla has exerted the application of the following in-house developed software system:
  • Cash Counter MIS
  • Schemes Monitoring Software
  • Budget Monitoring Software
  • Land Records Computerization or Him Bhoomi Software
  • Welfare Pension MIS
  • Disability Card Issuance System
  • Payroll Software
  • District Court Information System
  • Treasury MIS
  • Co-operative Statistics Software
  • Fair Price Shops MIS
  • Daily Market Rates Transmission
  • Friday Market Rates Transmission
  • Web Based Disaster Management Software
  • Education MIS
  • District Village Directory
  • 7th All India Schools Educational Survey Directorate of Secondary Education
  • Scwangers Survey Software District Welfare Office

Last Updated on : 4/26/2012

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