Shimla Golf

This page provides detail on Shimla Golf. It were the Britishers who gave India two of its widely popular games- Cricket and Golf. Since Golf is played amidst the greenery, Shimla is the ideal place for the game. As the summer capital of the English, it got a Golf Course at Naldehra, a hill 23 km away from Shimla. It is one of the early golf courses in India but its carpet of fine grass is still the same and provides an eciting game even today.

Shimla Golf Course was founded by one of the British Viceroy in India Lord Curzon. It is a par 68, nine hole golf course, one of the largest in India. The biggest hole is of 370yards while the smallest is of 115yards. The rolling green land is very faster than you can imagine ever. You cannot predict anything about the game in the Naldehra golf course because the ball changes its way after touching the rocky path.

The Golf course consists of an artificial water tank, green-edged cliffs, and a temple. At times the procession of the locals bringing deity at the Naldehra temple may block your game. If you want to experience life in woods, you can spend few nights in the nearby log huts in Naldehra's Deodar forests. But if you want to live in hotel then you can check into Hotel Golf Glade.

Annandale has another Golf course in Shimla maintained by the army. It also consists of nine holes.

Last Updated on : 4/26/2012

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