Shimla Jaku Hills

Shimla Jaku hills is known to be the highest of Shimla's mountain peaks. From the Jaku hills of Shimla, one can have a striking view of the beautiful hill resort of Shimla. This hill is the home to a very old temple known as the Jaku temple. The temple has been dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

The Jaku hill in Shimla has got an elevation of 8048 feet above the sea level. The amazing view of the adjacent valleys from the top of the hill is worth mentioning. The conglomeration of the greenery and the white snow bound mountain ranges will take you to a world of fairy.

Tourists visit the Jaku hill mainly to offer prayers before the idol of Lord Hanuman. Besides that, the scenic beauty of the place is an added feather. It takes about a period of forty five minutes to reach the temple from the Ridge of Shimla. Apart from that, one can also board on the back of a pony or avail a taxi from the Ridge to reach the Jaku hills.

The locals say that the temple on the Jaku hill is existent from the times of Ramayana. The entire region is covered with thick forest trees. The Jaku hill is also loved by the trekkers as it is an ideal trekking destination for the adventure freaks.

The view of the sunrise and sunset at the dawn and dusk hours is something very rare. Walking along the paths of the Jaku hills is a pleasurable experience. One can also have a view of the monkeys who dwell in the temple of Jaku hills of Shimla.

Last Updated on : 4/26/2012

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