Shimla Palace

Shimla Palace is the most famous and luxurious hotel in Shimla. It is also known as Woodville Palace Hotel. The hotel is famous for its majestic decor and luxurious suites. The service of the hotel is also of high quality. And once you are there you can breathe the history in its air still as fresh as ever.

Shimla Palace owes its current beauty to Raja Rana Bhagat Chand of Jubbal who reconstructed it in 1938 and gave it the shape that you see today. It was in 1977 that his grandson Rajkumar Uday Singh started a small hotel in a small part of this large palace. Even if you do not stay there but you can visit this tourist attraction for its charming look.

If Shimla is "Queen of all Hills", Shimla Palace of Woodville is the "Kohinoor of her Crown". It houses 28 rooms including the theme rooms-royal suite and royal cottage. The unique quality of this royal hotel in Shimla is that the decoration and look of all its rooms are different. To take you more closer to the royal charm, the princely hotel provides you with various services like telephone, hot and cold water and television with satellite channels.

And since we are talking of hotels, how can we leave behind food, after all food is very necessary. Woodville Palace Hotel of Shimla offers you with different restaurants where you can enjoy the Continental, Indian and Regional delicacies. The greenery spread across the hotel area adds up to your comfort. Shimla Palace Hotel is very famous among celebrities and industrialists all across the globe.

Last Updated on : 4/10/2012

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