Shimla Para Gliding

This page gives you information on Shimla Para Gliding. Para Gliders have become man's wing and has to a very great extent fulfilled his desire of flying high in the sky. Now man too can feel the warm thermal currents of the air thousands of feet above the land. In Shimla, you can do para gliding at Intkali in the Pabbar valley near Rohru.

Gliding are of two types - Para Gliding and Hang Gliding. The first one uses thermals as its driving force while the other one uses air current to rise above in the sky. Para Gliding is a mix of Hang Gliding and Parachuting. But para glider is made up of non-porous cloth and have open cells in the front.

Useful Information :

Para Gliding is not an easy sport and you need to undergo basic training in it. It comprises of three basic steps - launching, turning and landing. Harness
  • A Helmet
  • A Reserve Parachute
  • A Variometer to measure the ascent and descent.

  • All this instruments can be taken from HPTDC office on rent. They will also provide you with instructors and helpers.

    Last Updated on : 4/10/2012

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