Shimla Scandal Point

The Shimla Scandal Point is a well known tourist spot. This place derives its name from the story of the flirtatious king of Patiala. The spot is found at the end of the Mall road of Shimla and is considered to be the highest point of the Mall area.

Popular lore is that the king of Patiala had a crush over the daughter of the Viceroy of India. One day while she was taking a stroll in this place, the King of Patiala kidnapped her. From then onwards the place came to be known as the Scandal Point of Shimla.

Tourists assemble here every day to hear the age old story of the place from the guides. They remain busy in taking snaps of the place as well as the statue of freedom fighter Lala Rajpat Rai that has been erected at the place.

Shimla Scandal Point Video

The famous Alfa restaurant of Shimla is located at Scandal Point where you can get some mouth watering Indian dishes. Also western food is available here.

The Shimla Scandal Point is the center of the public life of the great Shimla hill resort. The post office and the Scotland Church are located just behind the Scandal Point of Shimla.

The Scandal Point is a favorite spot for people of all groups of age. The picturesque view of the green valleys and the milky white snow blanketed mountain ranges will keep you dumbstruck. The place has got a highly exotic scenic attraction that will compel one to visit the place over and over.

Last Updated on : 4/10/2012

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