Shimla Snowfall

Shimla Snowfall is a wondrous event. It will transport you to a fairytale place where anything can happen. Shimla snowfall is truly a much awaited event in Shimla.

The climate of Shimla is extremely cold during winters. Snowfall in Shimla occurs during the winter months. The temperature of Shimla city and its adjoining ecosystem varies between minus 7 degrees and 10 degrees in winter. Shimla snowfall usually occurs during late January and early February.

It is worth mentioning that the effect of global warming and greenhouse gas emissions are acutely felt in Shimla. The blatant proof of global warming can easily be found in Shimla- snowfall has decreased over a period of time.

The time of snowfall has also changed, even a few years ago it occurred during the month of December; now snowfall can be expected only after the new year has safely passed-after the fifteenth of January. Shimla snowfall does not occur after February; by March, the climate becomes simply cold.

Shimla snowfall enables many winter sports in Shimla to take place like:
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Slalom racing

After a Shimla snowfall children make snowballs- a ball made with compacted snow and throw at each other for fun and frolic. The more artistic minded of Shimla's denizens and visitors also make a snowman or a snow fort. A proper artist can make a stunning sculpture made entirely of snow.

Shimla snowfall also enables the ice skaters to participate in Ice-skating. This is usually done on frozen lakes and occasionally on parts of the frozen river.

Last Updated on : 4/9/2012

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