Shimla Summer Camp

Shimla Summer Camp is an annual programme. This year it will be held at the Pabbar Valley in the upper regions of Shimla. A summer camp aims to bring about growth and development among the young and make them follow the principles of closeness and self-sufficiency. These camps also encourage teamwork, leadership qualities and unity among the youngsters.

The summer camps in Shimla provides you a chance to visit some of the most exotic and beautiful locales like forests, mountains and waterways while participating in some of the camp activities. Who knows you might end up discovering some never before explored places.

The Shimla Summer Camps are also important from the educational point of view. It takes students to places of historical and geographical importance which they had read about till now in their text books only. Moreover, he might land up with some extra information which was missing in his book.

The Summer Camp activities are more of fun then work. You can learn various things. The various activities that takes place in the Shimla Summer camps are :
  • Sport and Adventure activities
  • Cultural activities
  • Community Service activities
  • Group discussions
  • Friendship-building games

The Summer Camps at Shimla provides you a chance to live tension free for few days. This is one place where you can share your knowledge and increase it because at summer camps you will come across people from different places and backgrounds. Really, a summer camp is worth more than any other medium of leisure.

Last Updated on : 4/10/2012

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