Sholoni Devi Temple

Sholoni Devi Temple is located at Solan in Himachal Pradesh. The Temple has an irresistible old world charm.The temple of Sholoni Devi is dedicated to the goddess Shooloni Devi. The name of the place 'Solan' is a derivation of the word Shooloni or Sholoni.

Solan is blessed with temperate climate all around the year. Solan is situated at an altitude of 1927 meters above sea-level. The Sholoni Devi Temple exists in a quaint place, where time seems to stand still;Solan has a distinctive colonial ambiance which is reinforced by cobbled paths, wooden gabled buildings and many orchards. Solan is the district headquarters of Mashru-which is another city established by the British.

The spiritual ambiance of Sholoni Devi Temple is amplified by the beautiful scenery all around the temple. Chir Pine drapes the Shimla hills, which yields the cash crops of resin and timber. Apricots and Walnuts grow all over the Shimla hills. Paddy and maize are two leading food grains in the region. Green chillies of a flavor unique to Shimla are grown in the areas around the vicinity of Sholoni Devi Temple. Other vegetables are also grown. The area surrounding Solan is ideal for commercial growing of peas, tomatoes and ginger. The farmers cultivating these crops believe in the goddess Sholoni Devi and pays obeisance to her by coming to the Sholoni Devi Temple.

In accordance with agrarian traditions of holding a fair at a certain time of the year the world over, the famous Shooloni fair is held every year besides the Sholoni Devi Temple grounds. Physical sports competitions like wrestling is held in the Shooloni fair.

Last Updated on : 4/10/2012

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